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A fashion thought - Getting to the heart of things

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9. Powder foundation or liquid? Yes and yesPowder foundation works great until you are about age 35. It seems our skin changes and we find out that it is drying and powder gets into those pesky lines around our eyes.then liquid seems to be the answer for most.

8. Matte, sheer, or none with hosiery? We can credit the royal family for the trends both for and against. Princess Diana brought nude legs to Washington, D.C., and it shocked the ladies so much that the press brought it to our for Princess Diana her vote was none.

Now our newest Princess Katherine has chosen to bring back hosiery in a big way. Although it is always best to not show white legs, with all the spray-on hosiery out there, not spray tanning, you can have it your way. Email me for the names of some of the best at

7. Shoes low or high, which is best? Stiletto or flats are both worn today and both are the right choice. Rules go like this, the shorter the skirt, the higher the heel -- the longer the skirt the shorter the heel.

Now lets get real on this. If you are young and daring or just want to look like you are, the 5- 6-inch heel plus the platform are all the rage, but some of these beauties are a danger to the female race.

What happened to the 3-inch heels? Seems they were the best until the trend of how high can we go got started. ho knew?

6. Does quality really count? Let me see.YES! If you have learned anything from our column you already know that answer.

Rules are that quality wins over quantity every time. One well made jacket will outlast five cheaply made jackets hands down. Recognize quality when you see it. Check the seams, hems and stitching. Look at the buttons, zippers and linings. Try it on and you can tell by the fit that it is a quality garment. Cant afford it? Wait for the sales.

5. Is there a better way to shop? Girl, where have you been? Absolutely. Look for the sales, sales, sales. Some of you do not need to shop for sales, and I appreciate that, but most of my clients are 8-5 working women trying to save here and there. Rule: Do not wait until the last minute to find that perfect outfit. You know that reunion is coming up so shop now!

Ask the salesperson when that dress is going on sale. Give her your card and ask her to call you. Shell appreciate that you will ask for her and youll appreciate the sale price.

4. LBD Little Black Dress -- is it really that important? In some circles it could make or break you. The LBD started with Audrey Hepburn. She looked great due to her coloring and big brown eyes. It caught on and the rest is history. It is the look you want for that important event and it needs to fit your body. In doubt? Choose an A-line style.

3. Is shape wear for me? Someone said that if you jiggle when you wiggle it IS time for shape wear. There are many designers begging for your attention on the shelves. You do not have to get the, Ill die in this because I cannot get it on or off, styles. Shape wear has come full circle and now the Spandex is more forgiving and much easier to get into. No longer is it your Mamas girdle, it can be lacy or plain, just as long as it gets the job done.

Frankly, all my clients over 25 use them. They can make a plain T-shirt a work of art. Hips? You better run to the shop.

2. Help me find jeans that fit. Just this past weekend I watched a show about Dg2 jeans. They have become a favorite of my clients. Email me about this! We were amazed and thrilled at the fit. They have a bit of stretch and give that will give you an amazing fit. Pencil legs are more for thinner women, boot cut and straight line are for the rest of us.

1. Drum rollHow do I dress MY body? This is our number one question every week. You have to dress the body you have, not the body you want. A-line skirts and dresses flatter every body! Jackets are our best friend; they can hide a multitude of concerns.

Get real, dont wear jeans that cut you in half and cause the dreaded Muffin top!

Dont wear a buttoned blouse that gapes if you have a full bust. Pull-over styles are made for you. If you are over 40, forget the super short skirts. Some of you can pull this look off, most cannot. Remember when it is time to put the too short and too low outfits in the bags to recycle.

Everyone looks at your shoes, repair them or throw them out.

Scary thought, but we women are judged by our purses. Keep them in proportion to your body size. Little bags are for petites, and the bigger ones are for the rest of us.

This has been fun. Let me know if we did not answer your top 10 style question.

We are always here to assist you, whatever your fashion needs. It is MY Business to Make YOU Look GOOD!

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