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A Fashion Thought: Girl, is it too much?

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When we think of the word “too,” it brings up a couple of thoughts. Clear your mind and follow what I am saying to you.

Standing in a line gives me time to study people. You have been there, don’t deny it! So, let me try and find some women, maybe some of my readers, looking good. Were you there?

The rules of “Too” were everywhere. First was the woman directly in front of me. How could I miss this one? She was on the list of the “too” tight pants. You have to wonder how she got them zipped. This was so unflattering on her. Just one size, okay two sizes, would have made such a difference. She was attractive but she lost all her points wearing those “too” tight pants.

Too tight pants cause something called “muffin top.” Add a “too” short top and the tummy spills out for all to see!

Just this past week, I went to a flea market. Girl, there they were, Spandex jeans! These looked like sprayed-on hosiery. They were cut to fit below the navel and tight to the ankles. Maybe, IF you weighed 2 pounds, no, even then they would be too tight. Back to the grocery store…

Just beyond the counter and a wonder to see was a “too low” cut blouse on a too old to be wearing lady. You need to know when to pass and not purchase a top that is cut so low your cleavage is showing. If this is you, please, we don’t want to see this! Have you heard the word modest?

Remember when I told you the designers would give and then take? They gave us a longer skirt. They took away modest tops.

At the ATM machine in the store was our next “too” victim. Folding her cash she turned and walked by. Her downfall was her “too” large jacket. She was probably a size 2 and wearing a size 12 jacket.

Small, petite women sometimes shop in the misses areas. Never a good thing to do. You have a smaller body size in length, cut and style. Where can you shop? Ann Taylor has long been known for petite clothing. There are many more. We have a list, email me

Wait, a woman just broke line. She will give us our next “too.”

This is a view we see “too” often. Too much make up. You have to give her an A for trying. In this case maybe a C. Again, an attractive woman that is so close to looking her best. Make up is meant to enhance your beauty, not disguise it. She came as close to a clown as I have seen in a bit.

Foundation is to blend not darken. Blush is to add some color not to overpower your face. Eye shadow is to reveal your pretty eyes not cause attention to a colorful pallet.

This brings me to one of my concerns. Sure, we have different colors each season. But as an Image Stylist, why do the cosmetic makeovers have to use all the newest on a pretty face? A simple, clean face is what we should strive for in looking our best. Keep the heavy makeup for a party or an evening out. Daytime make up should be minimal.

Coming from the meat department is our next “too.” Her suit says it all. Too small? No. Too large? No. Her problem was her clothing was “too tired.”

Yes, this was a good fit. But that was several years ago. The fabric was showing wear around the hem and side seams. It simply needs to be replaced. I want you to get your money’s worth in your purchase, just don’t let a good thing go bad. Be aware of the condition of your favorite suit.

Finally checking out and ready to pay, coming in the door was our final “too.”  Stop signs are for stopping, right? Age has some stop signs that some women are missing. Can you wear mini skirts, spicy tights, and sexy boots? Maybe, if you are in your 20s.

We now have two “too’s” for us. Too Trendy and with red stop signs, past the age for this outfit! If I were to guess, this is a Mom in her daughter’s clothing. She would look so much better to have chosen a skirt just above the knee, hosiery or not, that flatters and a nice shoe.

Whew, what a day of shopping. Did I see you last Friday? If I did call me at773-5341. I may have a suggestion, or two.

Editor’s Note: Judith Taylor, AICI, CIP may be reached by e-mailing her at Her website is She is a monthly contributor to The Wilson Post.


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