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A Fashion Thought: When do you give a new style a try and when is no the answer?

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You are shopping, there it is, the NEWEST TREND. Ever wondered, “Will this look good on me?”How will I know? We get brainwashed by the media and magazines. They, whoever they are, seem to know what is in style. We fight at first. “This looks so strange to me.” Then the film stars are seen wearing that style. Little by little the media wears us down. That strange new look is starting to look good to us. So….we go to the clothing rack and pull out the newest of the trends and head to the dressing room. Okay, now the moment of truth…Do we trust the store clerk? Are they just trying to get me to buy something?The question on everyone’s lips, “Does this make me look fat?” Whoa! The questions you should be asking are: Fabric and care… Is it seasonal or can I wear this all year? Does it fit my body? Is the color flattering? Is it my size or do I need to go up or down a number?TIP…Go for FIT not the size. Different designers use different models. One size differs as much as two on some styles.The length? Careful here….the look of this season is shorter….Is this age-appropriate? Where will I wear this? Price? Is it something I will get enough wear for my money? Okay, now… “Does this look awful or silly on me?” The word you are looking for is TRENDY.  We have said this over and over. Trends come and go, Style is forever. Example: A navy jacket is style. Meaning this will remain in style. A bright lime jacket with pink polka dots is trendy. It will be here a season and then gone. I have found that we pay more for trendy than for classics, like the navy blazer. Fabrics could make your selection a good or bad buy. My clients know the way to get a good buy is to choose a fabric that can be worn all year. Tennessee, usually, has milder winters compare to northern cities. This alone will allow us to wear some of our clothing all year.Back to the dressing room.We have all fallen victim to the help of a sales person. They may talk us into something that we are not crazy about. They are trained to sell. They mean well… the best ones are some that have helped you in the past. You can trust their opinion. When you tend to shop at the same store you learn good tips from competent people. They know you. They want you to come back to them for another sale. They want a long term relationship.One way to select a salesperson is how they look. How did they put an outfit together? Chic? No? Then go to another salesperson.Best yet is to listen to your gut feeling. You know you best. Wait a minute… I did NOT say you should not give a new style a chance! Please do try it on. Give yourself an opportunity to update your wardrobe. Some of the closets I have walked into would bore you to death. Good quality? Yes. Good selections? No way! Sometimes we just get lost and accept the  first boring outfit we try on. See what other women are bringing into the dressing rooms. Follow them out to the floor and watch… Sales people tell me they cannot keep clothing on the shelves that are worn by the mannequins. Most of the coordinating jackets, skirts, pants, tops, are close by.Do not say NO until you try it on. We have a client going on a cruise. We chose some walking shorts. She was not convinced until she tried them on. The fit was perfect. She bought four pair with tops she could mix and match. A cute hat, sunglasses, and a pair of wedge sandals, and she was set. She was so excited. She sent photos.Knowing you look good has so many benefits! It takes the worry out of dressing and makes you feel great.Trends may come in a new color. If you are afraid of a coral jacket, wear a coral top. By the way, coral is flattering with a khaki jacket. Have you tried it with navy?  Lime green says spring. Try it as a top or carry that color as your hand bag. Fuchsia too bright for you? A bright rose may suit you better.Be prepared to make mistakes. You thought it looked great. You gave it a chance, and a month later you hated it! This will happen. It takes a while to develop your personal style. By the way, we can help you with that. Visit Do not buy clothing you are not in love with. My clients hear me say, “ If you are not SO thrilled that you want to run down the street screaming, look what I found,” do not take it home! If you do not feel confident, pass on that purchase. Another tip to my clients. Take a day and people shop. Bring a friend. Get a cup of coffee and just watch. Look what the fashionable women are doing with the  newest trends. If you think the chunky platform shoes look too young, see if other stylish 40-ish women have them and what they are wearing with them to make them look so great! The thing to remember…it is ALL about the total look.What style of clothing is she wearing? How has she done her hair? Also, notice the quality of her shoes and clothing.Keep these things in mind. Take some notes. Heck! Put down that coffee and follow her into the stores.  I won’t tell.Okay, ready, set, shop! Check out the empty spot in your closet and fill it.In a few weeks we will have a new website. Come see us. Editor’s Note: Judith Taylor, AICI, CIP may be reached by e-mailing her at Her new website soon will be She is a monthly contributor to The Wilson Post.
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