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Telling Tales


Wilson Living Magazine

Often when I cant sleep, Ill get up in the middle of the night and watch television.

So, it was one night this week that I stumbled upon Doomsday Preppers a new National Geographic television show.

Within 5 minutes, I was both hooked andterrified. Apparently, there are all sorts of theories on how the world will end.

As if I didnt have enough to worry about, I now need to worry about the North and South Pole switching places and tidal waves destroying our world. Or solar flashes from the Sun, taking out the power grid. Or hyper-inflation causing the world as we know it to disappear, causing a run on groceries and the complete destruction of civilized life.


Wilson Living Magazine

It seems like it happens at least once a year. In the middle of gro ery shopping, I find myself in the greeting card isle. On most of the food store trips, while passing this section Ill do a quick mental check list of all birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, and graduations, to make sure I dont have an immediate need before moving on to the freezer section. I dont know why. Its like a strange magnetic force that pulls me in. Before long, I cant get enough of cut down poster board with kitschy jokes at a cost of nearly 5 dollars each.

So its no surprise that on this trip, I again found myself scanning the card section because one caught my eye. It was a quirky, chunky shaped little ditty with an odd punch line. In short, it was the greeting card version of me. And that lead to picking up another, and another, and another. It wasnt long before, I had cards for each of my sisters, brothers, 3 college roommates, and a get well card for my dads neighbor, who Id only met once, but knew well enough to realize shed get a chuckle out of Mildreds latest escapade.

Home movies

Wilson Living Magazine

My youngest is mad at me again. When we pulled out old family movies and started the stroll down memory lane something (or someone) was missing. We watched my oldest coo, eat solids, laugh, roll over, crawl, walk and fall all for the first time. Halfway through watching his big brother delight at the ape at Animal Kingdom came the first, Hey! Where am I?

Laundry, the worst punishment in the world

Wilson Living Magazine

If I were running the world and had to dole out punishment to those in my kingdom, I would make them do laundry.

In particular my familys laundry.

We are a family of five, but some days I feel there must be 55 of us living in this house, given the clothes I am constantly washing, folding and putting away.

On Romance...

Wilson Living Magazine

I knew it when I married him. I knew that when it came to romance he was more Ralph Kramden than Casanova. Truth be told, my husband has never changed. He is who he is, and thats what I love about him. While I can be a bit wishy-washy, he makes his mind up and never questions the decision made. So why am I surprised that hes STILL not a hopeless romantic and just hopeless?

I notice it more now than ever, because we are trapped in the busyness of life. With two careers, two children, three pets, three sisters, two brothers, one mother-in-law and one father-in-law, there doesnt seem to be enough time or energy to devote to our relationship. Since the vision of ships passing in the night insinuates romance, I would say we are more minivans stuck beside each other in the car pool lane.


Ask Ken Beck

Music man Kay Kyser made seven films

Dear Ken: I seem to remember that big band leader Kay Kyser made a few movies. Would you know their titles?

Born James Kern Kyser in Rocky Mount, N.C., the music man was at his peak in the 1930s and 1940s. He was probably most famous for his 1939-1949 radio show Kay Kysers Kollege of Musical Knowledge that was a blend of quizzes and music. Calling himself The Ol Perfessor, he created such catchphrases as Evenin folks, how yall?, Cmon, chillun! Les dance! and Thats rightyoure wrong. He made seven films between 1939 and 1944: Thats RightYoure Wrong, Youll Find Out, Playmates, My Favorite Spy, Swing Fever, Around the World and Carolina Blues. Kyser died in 1985 of a heart attack at 80.


General Lifestyle

World War II and Purdue forge lifetime bond for Tennesseans
In this digitally colored photograph, E.C. Bradshaw, Joe Hatfield, Warner Fisher and William Waters celebrated graduation at Purdue University on June 15, 1947.

By Tom Campbell
Purdue Agriculture Connections

Its a dog-eared old photograph of four guys, a black-and-white Kodak print of four friends from Tennessee.

The photo was made June 15, 1947. Those four and about a thousand other members of Purdues graduating class had just received their diplomas and some good advice from Purdue President Fred Hovde:

My charge to you is this, Hovde told the crowd inside the Hall of Music. Let your spiritual convictions be your rudder giving directions to your role in society.

What a long way each of the four had come from the rolling hills of Tennessee. Each alone at first, now together at last and forever at least in this photograph. They had started their college careers in 1940, but then World War II stepped into everyones lives.

Thats William Bill Waters, BS 47, on the right. He can still recall the day they flipped the switch and electricity surged into his tiny school at Tuckers Crossroads for the first time, making the coal oil lamps that had lit rooms and sooted the walls obsolete. That was in the sixth grade.

Thats Warner Fisher, BS 47, next to Waters. Fisher was valedictorian of the 1940 senior class (21 strong) at Sharon High School. He rode a horse and buggy to school until his older brother was old enough to drive him in the family car.


Our Feathered Friends

Our Feathered Friends - Feb. 29


Just a little before eight o'clock this past Saturday morning, I had a visitor from Portland on a quest to see some Bald Eagles at Reelfoot Lake. This was the last state-sponsored eagle tour of the season to go out looking for our quarry, Our National Bird. Margaret Whiteaker was afraid that we had lost our chance to view the eagles until I told her that I was able to do the tours on my own. Forty years this winter as a birdwatcher have enabled me to learn most of the best nest locations to keep a bunch of birdwatchers happy. As soon as we came into the spillway area, there was a group of Eagle watchers pulled off on a graveled area where they are still building the new spillway. We ignored them for a moment so we could eat our lunch in a state park boat launch area.


"My Bid" by Joe Biddle

UT fighting for tournament birth

There are two ways Tennessees basketball team can get into the NCAA Tournament.

One, they can buy tickets and serve as spectators.

Two, they can get hot and stay hot.

They pretty much cooked their goose with early season losses to Oakland, to Austin Peay, to College of Charleston. The Vols lost twice to in-state rival Memphis, once in double overtime.



Ask Anne: So you thought we had some cold nights?


Todays that extra day on which, if babies are born with cruel families and friends, theyll receive birthday presents only at four-year intervals. Tennessees own Dinah Shore is among those born on Feb. 29. With a kind family. Theres also another skip that those living as the 21st century turns into the 22nd will discover. No year divisible by 100 has February 29, unless the year is divisible by 400. 1900 and 2100 arent leap years, but 2000 is. And, before women were allowed to believe themselves the equal of men, Feb. 29 was the day women could kneel before their choices and propose marriage.

Well, were moving from no birthday presents and rare proposals to a continent almost never visited. Heres more from my friend Laura Triebolds excellent account of the recent trip she and her husband Dave took to Australia and New Zealand. This is Antarctica, journal entry #13.


Guest Column

In Memory of Fran Moscardelli


Our community lost one of its best last week when Fran Moscardelli died at St. Thomas Hospital. In his quiet unassuming way, Fran Moscardelli went about his life making things better for everyone. We will miss him. He cannot be easily replaced.

It was on a summer night in 1970, as my wife and I meandered around the Lebanon Parent Back Clubs carnival grounds, when we ran into good friends who introduced us to their new next door neighbors who had recently moved to Lebanon. These new people had a strange sounding name. It was Moscardelli. Fran and Alexa Moscardelli soon became our close friends. Few, if any, such encounters have affected our lives so positively. They truly became members of our family and we of theirs.


General News

TennCare fraud charges lodged against Lebanon woman

The arrest of three people in nearby Trousdale County brings the total number of arrests for TennCare fraud to 1,601, since the Office of Inspector General (OIG) was formed and given authority to pursue fraud cases.

The three arrests, which include a Lebanon resident, all involve prescription drug fraud with TennCare benefits used as payment.

Many people are now using prescription drugs instead of street drugs, making our efforts more critical to keep fraud out of the TennCare program, Inspector General Deborah Y. Faulkner said.The Special Agents of the OIG are working throughout the Tennessee pursuing people who abuse TennCare.


General Sports

WC, Friendship boys win, play for region crowns Thursday

CLARKSVILLE -- Down 20-6 in the first quarter, Wilson Central came roaring back to score a 56-50 victory over Beech in Tuesday's Region 5AAA semifinal game at Northeast High.

Dee Oldham and Jacob Williams each scored 22 points to lead the Wildcats to Thursday's region finals and a berh in the TSSAA Sectional.

WCHS improved to 25-5 with the win while Beech ended the season 25-6.

EARIER TUESDAY NIGHT -- Clarksville High posted a 65-45 victory over Mt. Juliet in the other 5AAA semifinal game -- ending the season for the Golden Bears.

Belmont-signee Caleb Chowbay hit five 3-pointers and ended his career in Back & Gold with 17 points as the Bears finished 25-8.

Clarksville was in control most of the night, leading 29-15 at intermission and 42-17 after three quarters. The Wildcats (22-10) were led by 15 points from Anthony Hightower.

LIVINGSTON -- Friendship Christian overpowered Jackson County with a 64-45 victory over the Blue Devils Tuesday in the Region 4A semifinals.

The Commanders (23-3) got 21 points from Dalton Patterson and 17 from Mark Sandoval as nine players broke into the scoring column. FCS led 29-14 at intermission and 46-26 after three periods.

With the win, FCS reaches the regional finals on Thursday and will play Clarkrange High -- a 54-41 victor over Watertown in Tuesday's other semifinal contest.

The Purple Tigers got behind early and never recovered, ended a storybook season with a District 8A tournament championship and a school record of 25 wins (and six losses).

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