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Telling Tales

Let me introduce you to my children

By BECKY ANDREWS, Wilson Living Magazine
Many of us know someone who has perfect children. The children who never talk back (even though they started talking in complete sentences at 6 weeks old), their children began reading and could recite all the amendments of the Bill of Rights by age 2, could kick a field goal from the 50 yard line at 8 years old and now colleges from the top 10 have already reserved a full scholarship for Junior.

Of course all of the above is according to the parents, who tend to embellish at times. These are also the parents that you can tell take secret joy in discovering that your youngest didnt learn how to tie his shoes until 2nd grade.

This type of parent never seemed to faze my mother. Id like to think she was so incredibly open about the failings of her children because she simply liked to make others feel better. But part of me knows better. When I would ask her why she insisted on telling the parents of my classmates I sucked my thumb until age 11 shed reply,

But look at you now. You dont suck your thumb anymore.

She did this quite often. We (my brothers and sisters) like to reminisce about how mom introduced us to complete strangers. It always went a little like this,

This is my oldest son, Mike. Hes very creative and so sensitive. Dont offer him a drink though. Hes a recovering alcoholic.

This is Laura. Shes our oldest daughter. Isnt she pretty? You should have seen her before she gained all that weight from the kids. Talk about a knockout.

Heres Kathy. She is the most reliable of our children. I dont know where she got her chest from though.

I cringed when it was my turn. Out of all of my brothers and sisters, I provided the most entertainment and disappointment so there was no telling where this introduction would go.

Becky is our fourth. Look how pretty her teeth are. Thank God she quit sucking her thumb. Shes on another diet so keep an eye on your dessert. She has a sweet tooth, dont you, Beck?

This is Christy. Shes our baby girl. Shes also agnostic. You know, she doesnt believe in God. Ive told her about hell. But, shes my stubborn child. I guess some of us just have to learn the hard way.

And our baby, Tony. Hes just precious. Youd never know his big sisters dressed him in drag when he was little. Although, who knows what hes wearing under those jeans.

I cant wait to create similar memories for my children. Some traditions should never be lost.

Email your embarrassing stories to Becky!


Ask Ken Beck

New Footloose takes place in fake Tennessee town

Dear Ken: Ive heard they are remaking the movie Footloose. Who is in the new cast? Will Kevin Bacon appear?
The new Footloose opens Oct. 14 and stars Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough, Dennis Quaid and Andie MacDowell. Filmed around Atlanta, it will be set in the fictional town of Beaumont, Tenn. Some of the original songs will be kept in the update, including Lets Hear It for the Boy. Bacon is not in the new version.

Dear Ken: Tell us something about Olivia Wilde, who plays Ella in the movie Cowboys & Aliens.
Born Olivia Jane Cockburn in New York, Wilde, 27, co-starred in the TV series The O.C. as Alex Kelly and in House M.D. as Dr. Remy Thirteen Hadley. The Irish-American actress starred in the 2010 film Tron: Legacy and will be in five movies before this year is up, including The Change-Up, In Time and Butter. She married Italian-American documentary filmmaker Tao Ruspoli, who is also an Italian prince, on a school bus in 2003 but filed for divorce earlier this year. Her mixed breed male dog, Paco, was a mascot for Old Navy in 2006, and Wilde recently tweeted that Paco is her new boyfriend.

Dear Ken: Whatever happened to J. Fred Muggs, the chimpanzee who saved the Today Show from going under back in the 1950s?
Muggs, 59, to the best of my knowledge is alive and well and happy in his retirement in Tampa Bay, Fla., with his girlfriend Phoebe B. Beebe. Dave Garroway, host of Today back in the day, reportedly hated the simian that brought home the bacon for NBC, helping the network earn millions of dollars. The chimp really was top banana.

Dear Ken: How many other children does Ryan ONeal have besides daughter Tatum?
ONeal, 70, has three other children: Griffin, Patrick and Redmond. The latter, 26, was also the son of Farrah Fawcett. Ryan has been in remission from leukemia since 2006. He plays the recurring character of Max Keenan on the TV series Bones.

If you have a trivia question about actors, singers, movies, TV shows or pop culture, e-mail your query to Ken Beck at


Wilson Living

Wilson Living - Sept. 7

New issue hits stands!

By ANGEL KANE, Wilson Living Magazne
We hope by now you are enjoying our latest edition of Wilson Living Magazine. We always have such fun putting these issues together and this last time, we were invited to the beautiful home of Forrest and Melissa Shoaf for a Girls Night In.

Joining the ladies of Wilson Living were Beth Parrott, Valerie Jones and Kimberly Lebo (all pictured in the September/October edition) and together with Erin, Becky, Amy and I, we were all treated to a delicious meal prepared by Chef Melissa.

During our dinner, Melissa shared the news with us that she is starting a new culinary business known as Forte Chefs. Her new service allows her to design meals for busy families and also the opportunity to come into your home for small dinner parties and cooking demonstrations. The new venture will use local organic produce and proteins. Check out her new venture at

In the latest issue, you can see photos of the wonderful meal she prepared for us and also prepare one of the dishes yourself, as Melissa graciously shared her recipe for Melon Salad with Arugula, Frisee and Mint Vinaigrette with all our readers. Be sure to check out the Home & Garden article in the latest issue, the photos of Melissas home are breathtaking!

And one lucky winner of this issues Founders Favorites will win a free cooking lesson for five, in their home, with Chef Melissa. Entry is free, so make sure to go to to enter.

And a big congratulations to Jennie Howell of Lebanon. Jennie won all of the Founders Favs in last issue and you could be next!

And, our other big news, is that we are feverishly preparing for the Wilson Living Holiday Expo. This will be our third year hosting the event and each year it is getting bigger and better. Vendors from all over come to our event and its a great place to take care of all your holiday shopping needs. Once again, Santa will be on hand, not only for photos this year, but also for a special Breakfast with Santa.

For details and to reserve your vendor booth call 969-6751. Space is limited and we expect to sell out soon.

Until next time, keep reading.


General Lifestyle

His canines protect America

By KEN BECK, The Wilson Post
Lebanons David Frost has trained thousands of soldiers for the Air Force and hundreds of troopers for the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

The catch is this: Frosts guardians of the American Way are dogs.

Since enlisting in the Air Force in 1965, Frost has trained approximately 5,000 canines. He has been a pioneer in teaching mans best friend to sniff out illegal drugs and explosive materials.

I started out as a one-striper dog handler in 1966 and retired in 1988 as the supervisor of the Department of Defense Dog School, the dog man said.

Today, the canine training coordinator for the Tennessee Highway Patrol has 37 of his four-legged charges working across the Volunteer State.

Click here to view the entire story and photos in a PDF format.


Our Feathered Friends

Our Feathered Friends - Sept. 7

We should all thank God for this wonderful rain that is coming from down in the Gulf of Mexico. All of my birds here at home were wondering what was going on as they must have forgotten what this water from the sky was all about. I just hope it will not cause gasoline prices to jump.

I finally made the pilgrimage to Mt. Juliet to visit my favorite store, Garrs. Roy Garr was busy helping customers so I waited for him to get un-busy, if thats a real word. I purchased two ant moats to go on my feeder hanging at the kitchen window, and one around front that I hang off the gutter. You have to keep an eye on them so the water will not evaporate or fill up with leaves, giving the ants safe passage over the water. First thing this morning, after some heavy rain, there were ants crawling all over it. Leaves had made bridges which were helping the ants to crawl over.

Something else you can try is to add a small drop of dish detergent to the moat which will cause the surface tension to disappear and small bugs will then drown when they try to cross over. I still need to pick up at least three more.

The last few weeks we were discussing members of the Swallow family which makes their home around the Wilson County area. We may find all the species here, except for two of them. The Cave Swallow will be found out west in the Carlsbad Caverns area along with New Mexico and south central Texas. I dont ever remember hearing of one being found in Tennessee.

The last one is the Violet-Green Swallow )pictured above) which lives out in the Rocky Mountain range towards the west coast of California. Six out of eight birds is not too bad a deal for us southerners.

Back to the Hummers, I would guess that there were maybe 50-plus birds here at my six feeder stations. There are five feeders alone here at my home with fights everywhere. Sometimes one will find a feeder occupied and will move to the other side where it couldnt be seen by the owner. Standing on my front porch, right next to one of my feeders, I was treated to some up close and personal encounters with these little ones. There were three of them who circled my head and you should have heard the noise those tiny wings were singing. Ive never been that close. The buzzing noise was incredible, almost brushing my ears.

If anyone is having trouble finding Hummingbirds, just drive over to my home and park in my driveway and just keep your eyes open; they are very plentiful.

I would love to hear from you as to whats lurking about in your neighborhood and at your feeders. You can write me at 606 Fairview Ave., Lebanon, TN 37087, or call me at 547-7371 or e-mail me at


General News

Burglary suspect nabbed after foot chase

Lebanon Police arrested a local man suspected of stealing a cash register and other items from Daniels Market at 1037 Sparta Pike on Saturday, Sept. 3.

Officers Chris Luna and Eric Gray responded within two minutes to a burglar alarm at the market on Saturday and according to a news release from the Lebanon Police Department, saw a subject running from the area toward Peyton Road. After a short foot chase, the officers took the suspect into custody. He was identified as Joshua R. Case, 25, of 307 North Cumberland Street, Apt. 12, Lebanon.

During the foot chase, the suspect reportedly dropped the cash register taken from the business in a ditch.

Officers, during the arrest, were able to recover other items reportedly taken during the burglary.

Case has been charged with burglary, vandalism greater than $1,000, theft of property over $500 and evading arrest. He is to appear in General Sessions Court on Nov. 15.

At the time of his arrest, Case was out on bond for allegedly committing burglaries at Daniels Market and at Raceway on June 3. In the June arrest, officers responded to a burglars alarm at Daniels Market and noticed a vehicle leaving the scene, the news release said.

When officers attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver fled eastbound on Interstate 40. The suspect was taken into custody with the assistance of the Wilson County Sheriffs Department, at 9540 Bluebird Road.

"The key to these arrests were the quick dispatch and response to the alarm calls," said Lebanon Police Chief Scott Bowen. "In both of these cases, the officers were able to pursue a suspect due to their quick response time which led to the successful arrest of the suspect and recovery of several thousand dollars in stolen property."

From Post staff reports

Charges pending in fatal wreck

LEBANON -- Charges are pending in a Tuesday, Sept. 6 accident on Hartsville Pike that resulted in the death of a Hermitage man. The accident happened about 10 a.m. near Athens Road and Centerville.

According to a report from the Tennessee Department of Safety, Robert L. Elkins, 32, of Forest Ridge Drive, Hermitage, died as a result of his injuries.

The report, filed by Trooper Tracy White of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, said Antonio L. Calhoun, 35, of Cainsville Road, was driving a 2000 Ford Explorer sport utility vehicle and was headed eastbound on Hartsville Pike near Athens Road when the vehicle crossed the center line and collided head-on with a 1999 Honda UAX driven by Elkins.

The Honda made a final stop in a ditch on the westbound side of Hartsville Pike while the Ford Explorer came to a final stop in the roadway facing southwest.

Calhoun and the passenger in his vehicle, Barbara C. Watson, 28, of Long Fork Creek Road in Lafayette, were both injured. All three persons were wearing their seat belts, the report noted.

Although there was no evidence of drug or alcohol use, Blood Alcohol and drug tests were requested as is standard in accidents when a fatality occurs.

Calhoun was issued a citation for Failure to exercise due care and driving on the wrong side of the road.

The report said that criminal charges are pending.

From Post staff reports

Sportswriter Biddle will contribute to The Wilson Post

Veteran sports journalist Joe Biddle will soon be offering his insights on the college football scene to readers of The Wilson Post.

Until recently a regular columnist with daily newspapers in Nashville since 1979, Biddle is the only Harris Interactive College Football Poll voter in the state of Tennessee. He is also the state chairman for the Heisman Trophy voting.

Main Street Media has given me a chance to return to my roots of writing for a locally owned newspaper that concentrates on local sports that larger papers are not equipped to provide on a regular basis, Biddle said.

While I search for a full time job, I have volunteered to write a column for The Wilson Post. It gives me a chance to keep my hand in writing.

For the past 13 years Biddle was a sports columnist for The Tennessean, producing a minimum for four columns a week and in football season writing six columns a week.

Biddle was selected Tennessee Sports Writer of the Year four times by the National Association of Sportscasters and Sportswriters.

The Harris Poll is a weekly ranking of the top 25 NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision college football teams.

The poll was created in the summer of 2005 to replace the AP Poll, when decided it no longer wanted to be a part of the formula used by the BCS rankings to determine who plays in the BCS National Championship Game.

Unlike the other two seasonal polls, the AP Poll and the Coaches Poll, the Harris Poll does not release a preseason poll; in fact, it does not come out until the last half of September, several weeks into the season.

The Harris Interactive Poll is composed of former players, coaches, administrators, and current and former media who submit votes for the top 25 teams each week. The panel has been designed to be a statistically valid representation of all 11 FBS Conferences and independent institutions.

Plans call for Biddle to be interviewed each week by staffers from this newspaper in regard to the reasoning behind his Harris Poll votes.

Biddle is a native of Johnson City and a veteran of the US Air Force. He is a 1971 graduate of East Tennessee State University and is a member of the schools Communications departments Hall of Fame. Joe and his wife Sharon have been married for 36 years.

Biddle personally witnessed Nashville emerge as a major metropolitan area that went from having no major professional sports to having two, the NFLs Tennessee Titans and the NHLs Nashville Predators.

By TOMMY BRYAN, The Wilson Post /

TDOT chief visits here Sept. 13

Tennessee Department of Transportation Commissioner John Schroer will be visiting Wilson County on Tuesday, Sept. 13, to take local elected officials on a tour to view current and upcoming TDOT projects in the area.

Schroer has been touring the entire state during a Summer Projects Tour, allowing federal, state and local officials to see what TDOT has in the works across Tennessee. On Sept. 13, Schroer and local officials will visit four sites in Wilson County.

Schroer will meet elected officials at the Music City Star Lebanon Station at 10 a.m. and travel to Highway 109 where LoJac Inc. has been widening the highway from Division Street to Highway 70.

Following the first stop, Mt. Juliet officials will get a chance to meet Schroer at the Stars Mt. Juliet Station and see the progress in widening Mt. Juliet Road from Division Street up to Hwy. 70.

They will also travel to the section of Interstate 40 from Mt. Juliet Road to Hwy. 109, which is proposed to be widened in the three-year Statewide Transportation Improvement Program.

The final stop will be on Hwy. 109 at the Cumberland River where TDOT is constructing a new bridge over the river to connect Wilson and Sumner Counties.

TDOT will also hold an Open House that day from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. in Gallatin for Wilson and Sumner County residents. The Open House will take place at Gallatin City Hall located at 132 West Main Street in Gallatin.

By PATRICK HALL, The Wilson Post
Staff Writer Patrick Hall may be contacted at

Wilson leads Oct. 15 concert effort

LEBANON -- Singer/songwriter Gretchen Wilson is heading up plans for the Wilson County Homegrown Concert set for Saturday, Oct. 15, to benefit the Bradley Barn Wilson County Country Music Hall of Fame.

The Bradley family and friends have been looking for a location for the Bradley Barn historical items from its recording days in Mt. Juliet.

From these meetings, the concept was discussed with country music stars who call Wilson County home, and Wilson took the lead in doing a concert to establish a building fund for the proposed project.

The Agricultural Center Management Committee and the Fiddlers Grove Foundation will be meeting in the near future to explore the concept of a building that could become a venue for concerts, tour groups and other events as well as being a museum for Wilson County Country Music stars.

The Oct. 15 concert will be open-air at the James E. Ward Agricultural Centerin Lebanon with gates to open at 5 p.m. and the concert to begin at 6.Wilson is enlisting other friends to be a part of this concert in which the total proceeds will go to the building fund.

General admission tickets will sell for $30 and VIP seating will sell for $45.If you purchase general admission tickets you will need to bring your own lawn chair or blanket. The VIP seating will have chairs in front of stage.

Tickets will go on sale on Thursday, Sept. 15, online at, Wilson County Fair Office at the Ward Ag Center (tickets can be picked up the day of the concert at the Will Call Office or at the Fair Office prior to the concert), Lebanon/Wilson County Chamber of Commerce office, Mt. Juliet/Wilson Wilson County Chamber of Commerce office and the following locations of Wilson Bank & Trust:Main Office at 623 West Main, Lebanon; Watertown Office, Mt. Juliet Office at 1476 North Mt. Juliet Road, Donelson at 217 Donelson Pike, Carthage, Smithville, Hartsville, Gallatin and Murfreesboro at 802 North West Broad.

VIP tickets will be sold online and at the Wilson County Fair Office only.For more information, call 443-2626.

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