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John Sloan - Outdoors

Meanwhile, up on The Hill (not Center Hill)

Guy called me and tipped me off to this. I thought I would share it with you. See, to me it seems like it happens just about every year. Some legislator with an axe to grind sponsors a bill or four that are just plain stupid and are for the soul purpose of self-something. By that, I mean they only serve his sense of self.

Here, let me give you an example. How about a bill that would make it possible for my neighbor or me to pull out of our driveway and hit a deer or an opossum on Palmer Road or Highway 70 and TWRA gets a bill for having it removed? Said deer lays there a day and the city comes and picks up the carcass. The city could then bill TWRA for that service as if it was TWRAs fault or TWRA owned the animal.


Ask Ken Beck

Family boy Luke a member of Mensa and Boy Scouts

Dear Ken: What can you tell us about Nolan Gould, who plays Luke on Modern Family?

Gould, 13, turned pro at the ripe old age of 3 making TV commercials. His film credits include Montana, Space Buddies, Monster Heroes and Friends With Benefits. He also co-starred in the Hallmark TV movie Sweet Nothings in My Ear and will star in the upcoming TV movie Ghoul. The native of Columbus, Ga., also co-stars in the 2013 flick The To Do List.


General Lifestyle

Lebanon's blossoming broadcaster

The Wilson Post

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.Live television has got Hayley Harmon wrapped around its fingers, or might it be the other way around?

Harmon, who grew up in Lebanon and graduated from Friendship Christian School in 2006, has hit her career path at full gallop as news anchor of AM Kentucky and host-producer of Midday Live on WBKO-Channel 13 in Bowling Green, Ky.

Holding down the fort on two live TV shows every weekday is no easy feat. It helps to have the gift of gab and a quick wit about you.


Our Feathered Friends

Our Feathered Friends - Feb. 22


I have no doubt that Mother Nature is not only wreaking havoc on us but also on our feathered friends who are wondering if it is winter or spring. We have several days of mild weather only to be reminded that it is officially still winter by a few really cold, yucky days. Then we go back to rather mild days and so the cycle continues. Im personally ready for spring to kick in full-time! Im also hoping to get some birding in with Ray when the weather warms up.

Spring is a great time to catch migrating birds who are heading back to the breeding grounds for the summer months. Of course this will also mean the loss of our winter birds like Juncos, White-throated Sparrow, White-crowned Sparrow and more as they too start to migrate back to their summer territories.


"My Bid" by Joe Biddle

SEC on the home stretch

While the SEC basketball tournament is just around the corner as of Monday, there were four games remaining in the regular season.

That is one-fourth of the 16-game SEC schedule, enough time for some fence-straddling teams to fatten their resumes.

With four teams in a knot for fourth place with 6-6 SEC records, there are plenty of candidates to join the Top Three Kentucky, Florida and Vanderbilt in the NCAA Tournament field.



Ask Anne: Diary of A World Traveler


Personal writing you know, journals, diaries, scribbles can be raised above the ordinary, and that happens probably more commonly than expected. Anyway, thats what we have here: excerpts from an excellent recent trip log kept by my childhood friend, Laura Triebold. Laura and her husband David are Wisconsin dairy farmers. Shes also a nurse with two masters degrees. Youve heard from her before when she graciously permitted me to share some of what she wrote about one of their annual trips to Spain. This time its Australia and New Zealand, a trip began Christmas Eve, 2011. I love armchair traveling with them; Laura (Lollie to me and to her grandchildren) is very observant and checks out details. It all comes to life. The following is #12 Sticker Shock.

Congrats Bernie Ash, new veterans officer


Congratulations to Bernie Ash on his recent appointment to the post of Wilson County Veterans Affairs Officer.

Mr. Ash, a Lebanon businessman, member of the County Commission and most importantly with respect to this appointment, a Vietnam veteran, will serve this office well.

Working in concert with County Mayor Randall Hutto, Mr. Ash has a full agenda ahead of him.

While many times the services provided by this office go under the radar so-to-speak, it is no less a very important and vital resource for those who have so unselfishly dedicated a portion of their life to the service of our country.

Our veterans deserve the recognition espoused by this office and the services provided.

We look forward to what plans Mr. Ash may have and how he will move forward to fulfilling the responsibilities of the Veterans Affairs Office.


Letters to the Editor

Letter: Stand against perpetual oppression

To the Editor:

Ten years after George W. Bush and his foreign policy advisors planned to invade the Iraqi people months before Sept. 11, 2001 and seize their oil for the powers that be, thousands have needlessly died and trillions of dollars cunningly dispersed.

Yet the conspirators did this with complete impunity and now theyre in on dividing up the rest of the take 110 billion barrels of oil. Meanwhile, since many of the troops have come home the U.S. taxpayers are obliged to pay thousands of corporate mercenaries up to a thousand dollars a day or roughly $3.2 billion a year, counting the most expensive embassy in the world, to protect it for those privileged few.


General News

Council special called meeting today

Lebanon City Council is to hold a special called meeting today at 5:30 p.m. to consider on second reading several measures brought up during Tuesday night's regular meeting.

Items on the agenda include several amendments to lease agreements with aircraft hangar tenants at the Lebanon Municipal Airport, construction of an outdoor firing range for the Lebanon Police Department and many line item transfers.

The council will meet in the Town Meeting Hall of the Lebanon Administration Building located at 200 N. Castle Heights Ave. in Lebanon.

Council unanimously passes proposed sales tax increase

The Wilson Post

Lebanon City Council approved on first reading an ordinance to raise the local Sales and Use Tax by 0.5 percent during their regular meeting Tuesday night, taking a step toward a public referendum on the issue.

Councilors voted 6-0 in favor of the ordinance to change the local sales tax from 2.25 to 2.75 percent. The current state sales tax rate is 9.25 percent and Lebanon and Wilson County equally split 2.25 percent of that total.

It gives the people a chance to speak, said Ward 1 Councilor Alex Buhler.

The proposed increase would give the city an extra 0.5 percent that only the city would collect, unless the county acts at a later date by passing its own ordinance.

The ordinance must now be sent to the Tennessee Comptrollers Office for approval according to City Attorney Andy Wright, who said the council has to vote on the matter again before a public referendum is held.

They (State Comptroller) have to give their okay on it for the ordinance to be valid, Wright told the council.

This sounds like a good idea, said Ward 6 Councilor Kathy Warmath about having a public referendum.

The council held little discussion on whether or not to approve the sales tax increase, but a second reading is required after the measure is returned to the council from the Comptrollers Office.

A special election would have to be held for the public to vote on the ordinance and the city would have to foot the bill for the election.

The next general election is held on Aug. 6 and Wilson County Administrator of Elections Phillip Warren noted the city would have to wait until July to pass the ordinance on second reading in order to attach the measure to the general election ballot.

Staff Writer Patrick Hall may be contacted at

Future walking trail trips up on federal changes

The Wilson Post

A change in federal guidelines has the City of Lebanon and Mayor Philip Craighead rethinking ways to fund a proposed addition to the Cedar City walking trail along Bartons Creek near three local schools.

The project has been on the table since Craighead was elected Mayor in 2008 when he noted the city received a grant for $500,000 and then, in 2009, received another grant for a little over $500,000.

The grants required the city to pay 20 percent of the project costs, totaling $250,000. Craighead said the city planned to meet that requirement by putting up a soft match of engineering costs and land donation.

We were notified that the federal interpretation of the guidelines had changed and the match had to be $250,000 in cash, Craighead said.

The trail would stretch from Hickory Ridge Road near Byars Dowdy Elementary School all the way to Leeville Pike, and travel along Bartons Creek. Craighead hopes that another city park can be built across from the new Lebanon High School to complement the walking trail.

Since the grants were originally awarded, the city has since spent $115,000 on engineering for the trail, but Craighead said they found out that expense wont count toward the $250,000 the city is required to pay.

Phase 5 & 6 of the Cedar City Trail are represented by a red line along Barton's Creek. Also seen is a new site for a proposed city park across from the new Lebanon High School.

Over the last few years, Craighead noted the city has jumped through many hoops with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, with its engineering and project proposals due to the trails proximity to Bartons Creek.

Since the changes, Craighead said they tried to avoid having to pay $250,000 in cash, considering they already spent $115,000 for engineering, intended for a soft match.

We tried everything we could to be grandfathered in, to avoid the changes along with other cities that were in the same position, the mayor said.

Those efforts were not successful and Craighead recently informed the City Council that they would have to now have to budget for the match to help pay for the project.

He said the city would need to budget $125,000 over the next two years in order to meet deadlines for the grant. The city has to acquire the land and get the project under contract by August 2013. The project has to be completed by August 2015.

Craighead hopes the trail will only enhance an area that has the potential to grow with the addition of the new LHS on Hartmann Drive and Winfree-Bryant Middle School on Leeville Pike.

The importance of this trail is the proximity to two new schools and connections to residential areas, Craighead said.

He added the future lighting of Hartmann Drive would also add to the areas ability to attract businesses, noting the city also had to weather a change in funding for streetlights.

Originally, the Tennessee Department of Transportation was going to fully reimburse the city for the streetlights. However, due to a conflict with Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation, Craighead said TDOT is not handling the lighting and MTEMC will put the lights up and charge the city a small usage fee.

Craighead noted the city was able to move the estimated cost of the lighting, around $800,000 into a fund to pave streets in the city that are in desperate need of attention.

The combination of all these things will hopefully be attracting new businesses to locate in this area, Craighead said. Its a good investment for our city.

Craighead noted the council is concerned with the $125,000 putting a strain on the citys budget over the next two years. Just last week, Craighead reported the city did not have to utilize any of the $1.8 million allocated from the reserves in the 2010-2011 budget.

The city was expected to end that budget year with a $6,000 surplus thanks to larger-than-expected sales tax revenues. The city reportedly exceeded its projected sales tax receipts by around $900,000.

Craighead noted the trail would have been harder to budget for if the city had to use the $1.8 million allocated in that budget. However, since the reserves were not used, he hopes the council will favor budgeting for the walking trail.

The payoff will be substantial, he said.

Staff Writer Patrick Hall may be contacted at

Veteran MJPD Lt. Gwin King announces retirement

After 22 years of service to the Mt. Juliet Police Department and more than 45 years of total law enforcement service, Lt. Gwin King has announced that the time has come for his retirement.

King, who began serving with the Mt. Juliet Police Department in 1987, has served as the Chief of Detectives since the start of his career in Mt. Juliet. However, King has close to five decades dedicated to the law enforcement profession.


General Sports

9AAA announces all-district teams

District 9AAA
2012 All-District Team - Boys
MVP Caleb Chowbay - Mt. Juliet
Dee Oldham Wilson Central
Cameron High Lebanon
Jeff Long Hendersonville
Seth Brown Beech
Ryne Chamberlain Beech
Brandon Shephard Mt. Juliet
Brad McClung Station Camp
Conner Brandon Wilson Central
C.J. McEwen Mt. Juliet
Jacob Williams Wilson Central
DaShawn McMurry Mt. Juliet
Tyrone Harrison - Portland

District 9AAA
2012 All-District Team Girls
MVP Caya Williams Mt. Juliet
Julia Fox Lebanon
Kia Perry Station Camp
Sydney Vanlandingham Wilson Central
Helen Mitchner Mt. Juliet
Sally McCabe Mt. Juliet
Cheyenne North Station Camp
Taylor Peterson Wilson Central
Emily Hatfield Hendersonville
Alex Banks Beech
Jamasha Jackson Mt. Juliet
Janasia Williams Station Camp
Kayla White - Portland

Kiwanis Little League tryouts set Saturday at Baird Park

Kiwanis Little League will hold tryouts Saturday, February 25 at the Kiwanis baseball complex in Lebanon's Baird Park.

Little leaguers age 8-12 need to register either in person on Saturday or online prior to tryouts. The first session will begin at 10 a.m. for 11 and 12 year olds who did not play in the league last year with 9-10 year old tryouts following at 12 noon.

All 9-10 year olds need to tryout including returning players from last year. No tryouts are required for 8 year olds.

The 57 year old league has launched a new website for registration and to record stats, photos and even video highlights of the upcoming season.

The site,, is live and active for interested players and their parents to browse and to learn more about the Kiwanis Little League.

A new 9-10 year old division has been added this year for advanced players to compete in player-pitch Little League baseball games.

"The 9-10 year old league is new and will allow the kids that want a higher level of baseball in this age range to compete with kids with similar skill sets. We will still offer a minor league program for those who can compete in a machine-pitch setting," explained Sean Patrick Kiwanis Little League President.

The minor league division will field players in age ranges from 8 to 10 years old. Those 9 and 10 years old who do not make the major league division are automatically placed on a minor league team.

"We will have three divisions this year, a minor league for entry level players, and two major league divisions for more advanced players. We hope to have four or five teams in our 9-10 year old division and five or six teams in our 11-12 year old division," Patrick added.

Kiwanis Little Legue will hold alast chance registration and tryout for all ages Tuesday, February 28 at the College Hills Church of Christ Witt Family Life Center located at 1401 Leeville Pike in Lebanon. Tryouts on Tuesday night will begin at 6:30 p.m. and end at 8 p.m.,

For any questions concerning the Lebanon Kiwanis Little League program, call 615-878-0208.

Watertown upends FCS 49-47

LAFAYETTE -- Maceio Gaines calmly sank two free-throws with 10 seconds left in regulation to lift No. 2-seeded Watertown to a 49-47 victory over top-seed Friendship Christian in Tuesday's District 8A championship game at Macon County High.

Tournament MVP KenAndre Bates (3 pictured) and Ty Jobe led the Purple Tigers (24-5) with 13 points apiece while Jake Belcher added seven and Josiah Smith five.

Allen Heaston led FCS with 14 and Dalton Patterson had 10 as the Commanders fell to 21-3 on the season.

Both teams will host first round games in the Region 4A tournament Saturday, Feb. 25. WHS will host Pickett County; Friendship will entertain Clay County.

Saturday's winners will advance to the regional semifinals the following week in Livingston.

BOYS ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM -- MVP KeAnDre Bates, Maceio Gaines, Nick Sackman and Josiah Smith from Watertown; Mark Sandoval, Hunter Anderson, Dalton Patterson and Allen Heaston from FCS; Cody Sircy and Dylan Hurst from Trousdale County; and Tyler Bradford from Gordonsville.


Wilson Central 65, MJ 55

LEBANON -- Down 46-44, Wilson Central outscored Mt. Juliet 21-9 over the final eight minutes and came away with a 65-55 victory over the top-seeded Bears in the District 9AAA consolation game Tuesday night at Wilson Central.

Senior Dee Oldham scored 20 points for the Wildcats, who improved to 23-5 heading into Saturday's region 5AAA opener at Dickson County. Conner Brandon chipped in with 14 and Jacob Williams added 12 for the winners.

Mt. Juliet was led by Caleb Chowbay with 20 points. The Belmont-bound senior ripped four 3-pointers. C.J. McEwen added 17, but no other MJHS player reached double figures.

The Bears, now 25-6, will be on the road at the District 10AAA champ for a first round regional game Saturday. First round winners will advance to Clarksville Northeast for the regional semifinals, consolation and finals.

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