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John Sloan - Outdoors

I can if I want to

Dont be misled. I can if I want to. Some, upon hearing of my lack of burning desire to turkey hunt may think I dont know how. In fact, I do. Im no expert like Wade Bourne or my good friends Alex Rutledge or Eddie Salter. Im certainly not as good as Carroll, Big Daddy Whitener but I know how to kill a gobbler if I want to. The season opened four days ago.

It is hard to get a lot of passion up when you cant get in your driveway because it is blocked by wild turkeys. When your backyard is full of birds with beards, sitting in the dark waiting for one gobble while still in the tree doesnt hold much allure. As your truck gets white highlights from the hen sitting on the branch over your driveway, the urge to kill may be high but the desire to hunt is not.

But I can kill a turkey if I want to.


Ask Ken Beck

Taylor Swift teaches Lorax co-star Efron to play guitar

Dear Ken: I saw where country music star Taylor Swift was the voice of Audrey in Dr. Seuss The Lorax. Has she acted in any films? Who were some of the other actors who voiced characters in The Lorax?

Swift, 22, a native of Reading, Pa., was in a 2009 episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and portrayed Felicia in the 2010 movie Valentines Day. Danny De Vito does the Lorax, while Zac Efron speaks for Ted and Betty White is Norma. Swift gave actor Efron guitar lessons, as he told the Los Angeles Times, Shes a great teacher. In the past, everyone who has tried to teach me guitar starts with music theory and stuff like that. I tend to just doze off after a little while. She went straight into songs. She taught me, like, four chords, and Im already playing all the good campfire songs.


Wilson Living


Wilson Living Magazine

I am sitting in the back seat of a rental car trying to figure out what to write about this week. Were on our way to Haystack Rock on the coast of Oregon. Youve probably seen Haystack Rock in the film, The Goonies. Its nice day trip from my younger sisters house. Me and my older sister have traveled out to visit for a few days. Theres no question that I love these girls, I even like them-most of the time. But today, Im tired, jetlagged; obsessing over looming deadlines and especially, missing my boys.


General Lifestyle

PostScripts Book Basket vs. Technology


A couple of years ago I wrote a column about my book basket, a receptacle for unread books at my house. I like to keep it comfortably filled so I will always have a choice of something to read. This past fall I made a point not to purchase too many new and popular books as I sometimes get books for Christmas and my inventory became dangerously low. I did not get a single book!

I took an inventory to see what I had so I could place an order. I had a list from book reviews and from best seller lists that appear in the paper as well as recommendations from friends and relatives.

Watertown High preps for centennial bash, alumni share memories

The Wilson Post

WATERTOWN As alumni of Watertown High School prepare for their alma maters centennial celebration on May 26, Elmer Marler, the oldest known surviving graduate, hasn't yet made his reservation.

Thats just too far away for me to plan, said Marler (class of 1933), who turns 97 in early May. But, if he doesn't make the fete in person, he will be there in spirit.

Born in 1915 on a farm on Statesville Road between that community and Watertown, Marler learn the 3 Rs from first through third grade in the one-room Mt. Vernon schoolhouse. But in 1924, he recalls, The school buses started running, thus he entered the fourth grade in Watertown and nine years later graduated in the 33-member class of 1933.


Our Feathered Friends

Our Feathered Friends - March. 28


Don't you just love this weather? I now find the best seat in the house is in my backyard, where you can get lost, just listening to all the birds flirting with each other. Where are the Purple Martins? There was only one male visiting my yard today. On any given day during the spring, there are several wheeling and soaring about in the large hay field behind the house. The pair of Martins that I saw last week must live farther north, because I haven't seen them since. A few years ago, when I went to Canada to spend a few days with my grandsons, there were several places there with active Purple Martin condos. I guess as long as there are flying insects, the Martins will follow.


"My Bid" by Joe Biddle

The Final Four field is set

For the second year in a row, Kentucky has made it to the last weekend.

I think this is the best chance the Cats have had for Coach John Calipari to win it all in the one-and-done era.

Kentucky starts three freshmen and two juniors. They have a bell cow in freshman Anthony Davis, who is the national player of the year after two semesters in college.

Although Calipari has seen two previous Final Four schools (Massachusetts, Memphis) he coached have to vacate NCAA Tournament achievements, Calipari has never been charged with any major NCAA rules violations.



Policies for campaign announcements, letters to the editor explained


The Wilson Post wants to remind candidates for local offices of the newspapers policies regarding campaign announcements and also to remind everyone of our letters to the editor policy during election season.

First, if you are planning to run for office in Wilson County, The Post will be happy to publish the announcement of your candidacy at no charge. Your announcement is your chance to tell readers/voters who you are and why you are running for a particular office. Be advised that The Post reserves the right to edit these articles as deemed necessary for correct spelling, news style of writing, etc.


Guest Column

Ask Anne: Unveiling the mystery of lb


Where did lb for pound come from? (I know thats a preposition at the end of the sentence, but Ill stand with Winston Churchill on this as he replied to an editors correction of a sentence Churchill wrote with a preposition at the end: This is the sort of nonsense up with which I will not put.)-A Friend Who Wishes to Satisfy Her Curiosity

Im glad to know people who know things about Winston Churchill. (Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, 1874-1965, British statesman, author, prime minister, seen as one of the outstanding figures of the 20th century for his leadership of Britain during World War II. He received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953 for his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending exalted human values. His skirmish with prepositions unnoted, but not unforgotten.)

Im also glad to know our county Register of Deeds, John Beverly Bev Spickard, who hailed me in our church parking lot on a recent Sunday to give me a newspaper photograph of his dad Johnny Spickard, also Register of Deeds, former Lebanon Mayor Tex Maddox and son Buddy Maddox. And why am I getting this? Because theyre enjoying a street sign (in front of the old courthouse on the Square) which reads, NO DOUBLE PARKNIG ANYTIME.


Letters to the Editor

Reader: Black should explain Medicare position

To the Editor:

We should all be elated that the Honorable Congressperson Diane Black is single-handedly saving Medicare for the burgeoning numbers of retiring baby boomers and future generations.

I wish Ms. Black would tell or explain how the elimination of Medicare as we know it is protecting Medicare. I call that the ultimate spin in a spin century. Also, just how much will this so-called protection of Medicare cost the individual on said Medicare versus the current system?

Finally, how will a change, such as that proposed by Ms. Black, or is it Black/Ryan, affect her spouses balance sheet or the insurance company contributors who have contributed $71,278 from her last report to the Federal Election Commission?

Frank C. Newbell


At the Movies

Hunger Games sports strong female lead, hints at social commentary

The Wilson Post

The Hunger Games raked in tons of cash at the box office this past weekend, and while complaints about the teen violence seem to be racking up, too, the film presents a strong female heroine, robust characters hints at some major social commentary.

The film, which is based on the first in a trilogy of young-adult novels by Suzanne Collins and directed by Gary Ross, tells the story of a dystopian futuristic North America, now known as Panem. Collins, Ross and Billy Ray wrote the script for the movie. The nation is divided into a wealthy, decadent Capitol city and 12 dirt-poor districts that toil for resources that the people living in the Capitol need.

What payment do the district inhabitants receive for giving the Capitol all the necessities they need? They have to offer one male and one female, age 12 to 18, each year to the Hunger Games, so that they can fight to the death in the mass-media public spectacle to honor their district.


General News

Amazon deal in Wilson County wins award

The Joint Economic and Community Development Board of Wilson County was recently notified that the Amazon project in Wilson County was recognized as a 2011 CiCi (Corporate Investment & Community Impact) Award winner.

The award was given by Trade & Industry Development magazine and recognizes the companys investment and the economic development agencies responsible for securing that investment.

Attempted burglary causes damage at MJ businesses

FromPoststaff reports

UPDATE--Surveillance video recovered from the scene of a Tuesday night attempted robbery shows suspect trying to break into T-Mobile in Mt. Juliet as the Mt. Juliet Police Department work to identify the suspect.

MJPD Community Policing Director Sgt. Tyler Chandler said surveillance video captured a 2008 to current-year model, white Ford Econoline work van with a ladder rack on top, pull up to the business' front doors. A male suspect was seen exiting the van and attempting to gain entry through the front doors.

Bus driver charged in DUI released on bond

The Wilson Post

Carol Ann Frasier, 53, of Lebanon the bus driver involved in a Tuesday afternoon traffic accident was released on bond Wednesday after being charged with DUI and Reckless Endangerment.

Her bond was set at $6,000. Frasier is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on July 18.

Lebanon Police Chief Scott Bowen said Frasier is suspected of being under the influence of the medication while driving her school bus, with around 30 high school students onboard, Tuesday afternoon.

At approximately 3 p.m., Frasier reportedly failed to stop for stationary traffic at a stop sign on Harding Drive at the intersection with Park Avenue, near Lebanon High School. Bowen said her bus collided with an SUV, driven by a juvenile whose identity is withheld because they are under age.

The SUV then rear-ended with a passenger vehicle being driven by Ronnie Watson, 51, of Lebanon. Watson was transported to University Medical Center due to minor injuries. Bowen said Frasier was also taken to UMC for complaints of possible injuries.

Staff Writer Patrick Hall may be contacted at

Craighead, MJ firm look toward curbside recycling in Lebanon

The Wilson Post

Lebanon Mayor Philip Craighead is looking to bring a new mindset to the city by negotiating and studying the possibility of curbside recycling services with the help of Mt. Juliet company Green Monster Recycling and Disposal.

Craighead noted for the past year hes been pushing to establish a recycling center in Lebanon to change the culture in the city as well as looking to future costs of dumping waste in landfills.

Are we going to be in front of the eight ball or behind the eight ball? Craighead asked of future state requirements.

Educators seek changes in evaluation system

The Wilson Post

A panel of local educators, administrators and elected officials all agreed the current teacher evaluation models need some adjustment during an education forum held Tuesday night at Cumberland University.

Sponsored by the Wilson County Democratic Women, the panel consisted of District 46 State Rep. Mark Pody, R-Lebanon; Winfree-Bryant Middle School Principal Becky Kegley, Wilson County Director of Schools Mike Davis, Tennessee State Collaborative On Reforming Education, or SCORE, Chief Operating Officer Dr. Sharon Roberts and Mt. Juliet High School teacher Dr. Edward Johnson.

The hot-button issue for the panel was the new evaluation systems that school systems statewide have been adjusting to this year.

Hot Springs store opens gates for retail on Hwy. 109

The Wilson Post

When plans were orchestrated years ago for the extension and widening of Highway 109 from U.S. Highway 70 to a point where the road would intersect interstate connector route 840, the project was deemed necessary to accommodate forecasted growth and what would likely become serious traffic nightmares for those using I-40 as a commuter artery daily.

The road project has also served to open opportunities for industrial and commercial development on Lebanons western edge and most recently, just last week, became the driving force for one local business to relocate.

Lebanon Tennessee 2012

Lebanon Rodeo - Coming SOON!

MJs Martin participates in the Mayor for Meals campaign

Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency Meals-on-Wheels of Mt. Juliet recently participated in the National Meals-on-Wheels of Americas campaign Mayors for Meals.

Interim City Manager Kenny Martin, representing Mt. Juliet Mayor Ed Hagerty, participated in the activities on March 21 by serving lunch to the congregate diners at the Mt. Juliet Senior Center all in an effort to bring awareness of senior hunger.

Squires OK $63 million bond issue for schools, WEMA

The Wilson Post

Several Wilson County schools are set to benefit from two bond issues approved during Monday nights County Commission meeting that would provide for the future construction of a new Watertown High School and alleviate overcrowding at three schools on the west side of the county.

The squires approved a total of $63 million in bonds with one not to exceed $28 million for the construction of a new WHS and two new stations for the Wilson County Emergency Management Agency.

Another bond issue was approved, not to exceed $35 million, to expand and improve West Elementary, West Wilson Middle and Rutland Elementary Schools.


General Sports

'Dogs host TN Wesleyan at 2 p.m.

Cumberland's roller-coaster baseball season took a serious downturn over the weekend as TranSouth Conference rival Bethel swept a three-game series from the Bulldogs at Stockton Field.

With the losses, CU fell to 18-16 overall and a mere 6-6 in the conference. All told, Cumberland has lost four consecutive games heading into today's 2 p.m. home game with Tennessee Wesleyan and has gone 3-7 over the last 10.

NO LIVE RADIO COVERAGE IS PLANNED due to transmitter problems with WCOR AM-1490. Live stats will be available at

"We're struggling right now," said CU's Hall of Fame coach Woody Hunt, "our pitching was not good this weekend, our hitting was spotty again -- we could not drive runs in. We've got to get better in all phases.

"I'm kinda worried about the team in areas not actually related to playing. We're fighting our emotions, our mental makeup is fragile. That's what we've got to guard against right now -- we need some confidence."

Unearned runs accounted for both of Sunday's game-winners as Bethel won 9-8 (nine innings) and 5-4 over the Bulldogs.

The visitors took advantage of seven Cumberland errors in the twinbill, plating two runs in the seventh inning of the first game, one unearned, and another unearned run in the ninth to win the opener, 8-7.

In the second game yet another unearned run scored in the sixth inning for a 5-4 victory.

"Baseball can get ahold of you and not let you go until you start doing things well," Hunt said. "It's a game of confidence -- the game has whipped some of our players. They're trying, we just can't produce in the clutch. We can't produce when we need to.

"We've got four tough games this week and we've got to find a way to bounce back. Middle of the week, we've got to protect our pitching staff for the weekend at Union, so Wednesday (against Tennessee Wesleyan) could be an eventful day."

The Wildcats improved to 19-10, 7-2 TranSouth by sweeping the three-game series, the first-ever sweep for Bethel against the Bulldogs.

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PREP BASEBALL -- Lebanon falls at Gallatin 7-2


Wilson Central dropped to 5-5 overall and 1-1 in District 9AAA Wednesday night with a 7-5 loss to Hendersonville High School. Jacob Williams, Tyler Fish and A.J. Franklin each ahd two hits in the loss.

Lebanon High fell to 0-2 in league play with a 7-2 loss to Gallatin High Wednesday night at Gallatin Municipal Park.

Mt. Juliet High defeated Beech 4-0 Wednesday night as Austyn Dyer (2-1) threw a four-hit shutout.

Trevecca signs MJCA's Mummert

MT. JULIET -- Sam Mummert, Mt. Juliet Christian Academy's all-time leading scorer, signed an NCAA National Letter of Intent Wednesday morning with Trevecca Nazarene University.

The son of Bob and Lisa Mummert, Sam has scored 98 goals in his MJCA varsity career and has twice been named to the Tennessee Sports Writers Association Division II all-state team.

"Sam is all about his team," said his coach Matt Swallows, "this could't happen to a nicer, more deserving young man."

Trevecca, a longtime member of the NAIA, is making the move to NCAA Division II and will compete in the Great Midwest Athletic Conference beginning in the fall of 2012.

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