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Ask Ken Beck

Lockout presidents daughter used to be Lost

Dear Ken: Where have I seen the actress who played the kidnapped presidents daughter opposite Guy Pearce in Lockout?

That would be Maggie Grace, 28, a Worthington, Ohio, native, who co-starred in Lost as Shannon Rutherford and was Irina in The Twilight Saga: Parts I and II. Among her other films are Taken, Knight and Day, The Jane Austen Book Club, The Fog and Malice in Wonderland. Her TV movies include Murder in Greenwich and Twelve Mile Road and she was a guest on the TV shows CSI: Miami, Cold Case, Oliver Beene and Law & Order: SVU. About her current flick, she says, I like action movies, and like them to have a sort of self-conscious humor to them. And I really liked that our leading man has a sarcasm and wit about him, and he is kind of persnickety on the fly.


Wilson Living

Designer Labels

Wilson Living Magazine

While my favorite places to shop are thrift stores, vintage clothing stores and goodwill, I love browsing the designer section of department stores. No, Im not in the market for a $700 blouse. Not long ago I was in designer apparel when a new sales girl approached. The reason I know she was new is because most of the folks who work at this particular store know its a complete waste of time to try and sell me anything. Before I could say, No. Not looking for anything specific. Just browsing She started the pitch.

Isnt this classic? The lines are amazing. I could totally see you in this. Everyone needs to have 2 Cs in their closet.

It is beautiful. I keep my college transcripts in my closet so I have WAY more than 2 Cs.

She looked at me like I was an idiot. I started to believe she was right. Sure there is no way I could afford this frock but she didnt know that for a fact. I could be the big sale shed been hoping for all week. Whos to say I couldnt buy it to prove a point then return it the next day pending shes off work.

Im kidding. What were you saying about the dress? I do love it but not sure where I could wear it.

Are you kidding? You could wear this anywhere; a date with your husband, girls night out, wedding, work, church. The possibilities are endless.


General Lifestyle

Vintage Indy cars roar back to life

{phocagallery view=category|categoryid=40|imageid=238|displayname=0|float=left}By KEN BECK
The Wilson Post

The first motorized vehicle he created as a youth of 12 came from the dregs of two walk-behind lawn mowers. His first set of wheels in high school was a 1947 Cadillac hearse.

But next week, Bill Akin cruises the fabled Indianapolis Motor Speedway in something that runs a little faster: His Bowes Seal Fast car, which raced here in the 1959 and 1960 Indianapolis 500, has hit a top speed of 177 miles per hour.

On Thursday before the race, we get to run our cars, Akin said matter-of-factly about the thrill of spinning his wheels at speeds of well over 100 miles per hour on the planets most famous racetrack. This will be the 13th year to run my cars at the track.

The honor of turning laps on the legendary 2.5-mile oval goes to those who own cars that have raced here in past decades, and Akin possesses three Indy cars that ran from the mid-1950s into the early 1960s.

Im into all kinds of old cars, not just Indy race cars. I restore em to what you see here, said Akin, 67, who grew up in Hermitage.


Our Feathered Friends

Our Feathered Friends - May 16

{phocagallery view=category|categoryid=20|imageid=234|displayname=0|float=left}By RAY POPE

One of my favorite work friends, that I worked with at Hartmann Luggage, has been at the well known super store on South Cumberland Street for several years. Gloria Denney always gives me a hug, no matter how busy she is. Gloria works with Sandra Palfreeman, whose husband Bob sent me a great photo of a Red-bellied Woodpecker that really shows the red on the belly. I hope this will print good in the Wilson Post.

After some delicious turkey burgers cooked by our friend Angie Zurawski, Maggie Whiteaker and myself took off to the meeting spot for my Owl Prowl over by theDixon Merritt Nature Center. The hay ride minus the hay, gives me an unpleasant feeling everytime we load up on the wagon. I am not afraid of too many things, but the thought of getting a splinter stuck in my backside drives me wild. It happened to me once many years ago at one of the Wrestling Matches at the Nashville Fairgrounds where some lady asked me to scoot over so she could sit down. That was the last time for scooting for me. In about two hours, and sitting side saddle in the back of a pickup truck, I had to wake my mother and get her assistance to remove what seemed to be a 2X4 plank. Come on Buddy, I'm sure the park can afford some hay bales.



Dont hold your breath, kitty


Dear Anne, Heres one over which you will surely salivate! (Or is that shall salivate?) The question? What is the difference between a misplaced modifier and a dangling modifier? Sign me, The World Awaits and maybe with bated breath whatever that is.

First, will is the appropriate use; its the auxiliary signaling the promise inherent in simple future tense for a second person subject (you). Shall with second person indicates determination. EXAMPLE (Mother to teen son) You shall clean up this mess.

Bated breath, meaning to hold ones breath, has been around a long time. Shakespeare used it in Merchant of Venice (1596). Bate is tied to abate, and bate has several meanings, including to reduce the force or intensity of, to restrain. (Thank you, Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition. And, yes, there appear to be two more recent editions which Amazon mentions and then coyly refuses to show. You think I should search to the ends of the earth? These old bones, topped by my now salivating mouth?)


Guest Column

Power of Ten Regional Summit to address area growth concerns

Twenty years ago, the 10-county Middle Tennessee region was home to less than 1 million people.

Today that number has nearly doubled, and in the next two decades another million more will call Middle Tennessee home. Wilson County has experienced even higher growth rates over this time, and theres no doubt that some of these new regional neighbors will continue to call our county home. The Middle Tennessee regions tremendous growth has brought economic prosperity everywhere, including right here. Even in these difficult times our standard of living is better than ever and we are a short drive from some of the worlds best companies, entertainment venues, universities, and sports teams.

However, with growth comes change, challenges and opportunities. The interstate and road systems that take us to these places are often congestedranking us nationally as one of the worst commutes in the country. Our local leaders are continually challenged to make difficult decisions on how to fund infrastructure, how to provide community services, and what land should be developed and what land should be conserved. Air, watersheds, and where we live and work are not subject to political boundaries and these issues dont just affect Wilson County, but the whole region.


At the Movies

Dark Shadows underwhelming

The Wilson Post

After eight films together, director Tim Burton and star Johnny Depp seem to have perfected how to mesh their talents, but its too bad their latest venture, Dark Shadows is pretty underwhelming and features quite a few one-note characters.

Shadows is the story of Barnabas Collins, a wealthy man in Maine in the late 1700s (Maine became a state in 1820), whose family built the town of Collinsport from the ground up, literally.

After spurning a young woman Angelique, (Eva Green) who turned out to be a witch, Barnabass true love Josette (Bella Heathcote) is bewitched to walk off a cliff and Barnabas is cursed to live as a vampire, buried for centuries.

He awakes in 1972 Collinsport to find the remnants of his family a shut-in ruin and his old home in disarray. Barnabas must learn to cope with the 20th century and defeat the witch Angelique to return his family to their former glory.

But at the same time when the film switches to 1972 were led to believe the primary plot would involve young Victoria Winters, played by Heathcote, coming to the family home to be the governess of 12-year-old David (Gulliver McGrath) because he apparently is suffering from mental issues.


General News

Board approved WHS plans, other school improvements

The Wilson Post

Wilson County Board of Education approved building plans and specifications for a number of construction projects to improve or expand existing schools and build a new Watertown High School and is preparing to bid those projects.

The school board took the action at Mondays regular meeting.

Director of Schools Mike Davis said the boards action allowed architectural firm Kaatz, Binkley, Jones & Morris to finalize the building plans and specifications for a new WHS, improvements to West Wilson Middle, West Elementary and a new K-2 school adjacent to Rutland Elementary.

They authorized the architects to prepare the plans and get together bid documents for those projects, Davis said.

In March, the board approved moving forward with the projects and also Wilson County Commission approved the issuance of bonds in the amount of $35 million for the improvements to West Wilson Middle, West Elementary and the new school next to Rutland Elementary as well as a bond not to exceed $28 million toward the construction of a new WHS.

Brother Baker, 104, guest speaker at Memorial Day observance

From the American Revolution to the Global War on Terrorism, 1 million American men and women, including more than 200 here in Wilson County, have made the Supreme Sacrifice.

They died so that we could continue to cherish the things they loved ---God, country and family.

That is why Wilson Countians will gather at the courthouse monument on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, to honor the memory of fallen warriors who have given everything for their country and others who continue to do so.

We are also reminded on this day that in each generation, brave men and women will always step forward to take the oath of allegiance as members of Americas armed forces, willing to fight and if necessary die, for the sake of freedom, said retired U.S. Air Force Col. Jim Henderson of Lebanon, who is coordinating the event.

Chick-fil-A in Lebanon open today

{phocagallery view=category|categoryid=41|imageid=247|displayname=0|float=right}Chick-fil-A will celebrate the grand opening of its fourth metro-Nashville stand-along restaurant in five months this time in Lebanon by giving away a free years supply of Chick-fil-A to the first 100 adults in line when the doors open on May 17.

Chick-fil-As First 100 Celebration quickly became a hallmark of each grand opening when the chain first held the event in Arizona in 2003. More than 18 hours before the restaurant opened, the first person arrived and asked where to get in line. Since then, the chain has given away more than $16 million in free food at almost 600 grand openings. The parking lot parties attract Chick-fil-As loyal customers who come from around the block and across the country equipped with couches, TVs, computers, tents and other gear. Even extreme weather conditions do not dampen the enthusiasm of the participants who often arrive more than 24 hours in advance.

The latest Chick-fil-A First 100 celebration will occur at 706 S. Cumberland Street in Lebanon where the chain will award a one-year supply of free Chick-fil-A Meals (52 certificates) to each of the first 100 adults in line, ages 18 and older with identification a total of more than $26,000 in free food. The line officially opened at 6 a.m., Wednesday, May 16, with free meal cards being awarded Thursday, May 17, about 6 a.m. The restaurant will open for business immediately thereafter. With more than 100 people in line by 6 a.m., Wednesday, the 100 spots were to be determined by raffle. For complete rules, see

Local eatery gives to Habitat, HomeSafe

In partnership with the community GiveBack program of Ruby Tuesday restaurants, you can help Habitat for Humanity and HomeSafe Inc. by eating at Ruby Tuesday.

On Thursdays, May 17, 24 and 31 Ruby Tuesday will donate 20 percent of your total bill to Habitat for Humanity of Wilson County.

You can take advantage of this opportunity in Lebanon and Mt. Juliet.

The Mt. Juliet location is 1050 Herschel Drive (Providence area), and the Lebanon location is 1317 West Main Street.

Medical condition blamed in one-car accident

The Wilson Post

A medical condition caused an elderly woman to veer off Baddour Parkway in front of Don Fox Park Wednesday afternoon, but resulted in no injuries.

Approximately 1:15 p.m., Edith Vaughn, 76, of Lebanon was driving eastbound on Baddour Parkway when she lost control of her vehicle, side swiped a light pole and then struck a tree in front of Lebanon Chemical.

Lebanon Police Officer Robert Bates said Vaughn had a medical condition that caused her to lose control of the vehicle.

She had an oxygen tank on and she said it was empty, Bates said. He added that Vaughn was not hurt in the accident but was complaining of chest pains and was taken to University Medical Center for further evaluation.

MJ leads April home sales

From Post staff reports

Mt. Juliet led all of Wilson County in home sales for April with a higher number of sales, higher median sales prices and more new construction while the number of sales countywide dipped overall.

Amy Hamilton, chair of the Public Relations Committee of the Eastern Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors, or EMTAR, said Wilson County ended the month with 133 home sales with a median price of $199,900. Mt. Juliet led the way with 67 sales. Lebanon posted 53 sales, Old Hickory had eight sales and Watertown recorded four sales.

The median days a house spent on the market in April dropped from 80 to 75 days compared to the month before.

More new homes were sold in Mt. Juliet, and the median price of new construction and existing home sales were higher in that city as well.

Of the 67 total sales in April for Mt. Juliet, 33 percent were new construction, amounting to 22 new homes sold. The median price for these sales was $276,000. In Lebanon, 28 percent of Aprils sales were new construction, which had a median price of $243,500, she said.

Mt. Juliet had a total of 45 resale home sales in April with a median price of $204,900 and a median time on the market of 63 days. Homes sold on average at 99.9 percent of list price.

New state synthetic drug law mirrors city ordinance

The Wilson Post

A new state law that went into effect Monday shows major strides in the fight against synthetic drugs, defining the drugs to include all analogous forms and putting a Class D felony offense on charges related to the manufacturing, deliver, dispense or sell the synthetic drugs.

Senate Bill 3018, sponsored by District 17 State Sen. Mae Beavers, R-Mt. Juliet, allows law enforcement agencies statewide to stay one step ahead of synthetic drug manufacturers instead of one step behind.

Lebanon Police Chief Scott Bowen said the state already had a law banning synthetic drugs, but noted manufacturers would simply change chemical compounds to avoid the old law.

The chemists would change a few molecules and would just skirt around it, he said.

Synthetic drugs are substances sold as bath salts or plant food but comprised of chemicals perceived as mimics of cocaine, LSD and methamphetamine. The effects include impaired perception, reduced motor control, disorientation, extreme paranoia and violent episodes.

This legislation defines them in a way that helps to ensure that manufacturers or drug dealers cannot skirt the law, said Beavers, who is chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Pickett Chapel to be honored Saturday

Tennessee Historical Commission will present a plaque to Historic Pickett Chapel at a ceremony on Saturday, May 19, at the historic building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, at 209 East Market Street in Lebanon.

The event will also mark the dedication of the Heritage/Peace Garden on the grounds of the historic chapel, with two Lebanon churches Pickett Rucker United Methodist Church and First United Methodist Church celebrating the buildings significance in the community. Each church has donated two benches to be placed in the garden.

This year, we celebrate 200 years of Methodism at the Tennessee annual conference, so it is appropriate that the two churches are coming together to celebrate this event, said Mary Harris, president of the Wilson County Black History Committee.

Representatives from each of the churches will join in a prayer of unity, she added.

Wilson County Tea Party, Pizza Party set

All are invited to the Wilson County Tea Party May Meeting and Pizza Party.

The meeting will be Monday, May 21, at Powell Grove Church of Christ, 45 Powell Grove Road, corner of Lebanon Road, one mile east of Highway 109. The Pizza Party will be from 5:30 until 6:45 p.m., and the meeting will begin at 7. Cost is $5 per plate (includes two pieces of pizza, chips, drink and dessert).

Guest speakers will be Dan Walker of Getting out the Christian vote and Mark Herr of Getting Involved in the Legislative Process.


General Sports

Former FCS coach hired at Lipscomb

NASHVILLE -- Former Friendship Christian School girls' basketball coach Greg Brown will be introducted Thursday as the fourth head coach in the history of the women's basketball program at Lipscomb University.

Brown, 41, was the associate women's basketball coach at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and is a former assistant for Hall of Fame coach Pat Summitt. He has spent the last five seasons at UCF, helping lead the Knights to two Conference USA championships in 2009 and 2011, resulting in two NCAA berths.

For two seasons, Brown worked with Pat Summitt at the University of Tennessee, first serving as a graduate assistant before being promoted to assistant coach in 2003-04. During that time, the Lady Vols compiled a record of 64-9, earned two Southeastern Conference championships and were twice the runners-up in the NCAA championship game. His responsibilities at Tennessee included coaching post players, including several current WNBA players such as the 2004 Kodak All-America selection Shyra Ely.

Local sports announcements - Summer camps and tournaments

Coca-Cola Juniors Golf
Hunters Point Golf Club will host the annual Coca-Cola Junior Golf Tournament Wednesday, June 6 and Thursday, June 7. Entry fee is $35 for ages 11 and up; $15 for ages 10 and under. Age Divisions are 10 & under (3 holes Wednesday, June 6), 11 & 12 (9 holes each day), 13 - 14 (9 holes each day) and 15 - 17 (18 holes each day). Lunch will be served daily. For information, call the Hunters Point pro shop at 444-7521.

LHS basketball camp
The Lebanon Boys Basketball coaches will be hosting a basketball camp June 4-5 from 8-11 a.m. for boys in grades 3-8. The cost for the camp will be $50. Advance registration is requested. A $10 discount will be given to everyone who registers by May 31. The first 50 registered campers will receive a basketball. Applications are available at as well as Lebanon High School and local elementary schools. Contact Jim McDowell at 615-347-2531 or by email at

MJHS boys basketball
The Mt. Juliet Boys Basketball Camp will be held June 11-13 at Mt. Juliet High School from 8-11 a.m. If you have questions you can contact Coach Troy Allen at 758-5606. Application forms can be picked up at the main office in the high school or can be downloaded from the MJHS web site.

MIDDLE SCHOOL FOOTBALL -- Baird and WB plan Saturday events

Walter J. Bairds football program invites the public to a spaghetti supper / auction fundraiser Saturday, May 19 at the WJB cafeteria. All proceeds from the event will go toward the Baird football program -- specifically a new locker room and equipment.

Tickets are $5 per person and will be on sale at the door Saturday. The supper begins at 6 p.m. followed by both a live and silent auction. Members of the Baird football team will be auctioned off in groups of three or four to help with yard work.

A 42-inch flat screen TV will be up for live auction as well as autographed Nashville Predators equipment and tools.

Silent auction items will include: two Hartmann Luggage bags, a Cumberland University football helmet and game passes, a Titans autographed football, an Alabama national championship autographed football, a free family photo session, a six-hour guided fishing tour on the Caney Fork River, all-sport season passes to Cumberland University athletics, movie tickets, house cleaning services, Mary Kay products, a weed-trimmer, a load of gravel, bowling passes, a quilt, personal services such as manicures, pedicures and massages, fitness center passes, haircuts, auto service, speciality desserts and assorted gift bags.

W-B hosts jamboree Saturday
Winfree Bryant Middle School will host a football jamboree Saturday morning. Participating teams will include: Christiania out of Rutherford County, Walter J. Baird, Carroll-Oakland and Southside -- as well as Winfree Bryant.

Each team is scheduled to play two varsity halves and two junior varsity halves. Action should get started around 9 a.m. on the WBMS game field. No admission will be charged.

SCHOLAR ATHLETES - Burns, Scott honored by WCSC

Watertown Highs Tim Burns and Mt. Juliet Christian Academys Cassie Scott were recognized last week by the Wilson County Sports Council as Wilson County's 2011-2012 Scholar-Athletes.

Two senior athletes are nominated from each of Wilson Countys six high schools with all 12 being treated to a lunch and awards. Burns and Scott each received $1,000 college scholarships from the Sports Council.

Nominees included: Hunter Holland and Zach Lo from Friendship Christian School; Victoria Dye and Shaq Cragwall from Lebanon High; Cassie Scott and Carver Hibbett from Mt. Juliet Christian Academy; Jordan Lamberson and Daniel Stegall from Mt. Juliet High; Jamie Reed and Tim Burns from Watertown High; Taylor Peterson and Tyler Soffiantino from Wilson Central High.

Students are nominated by school coaches for outstanding achievement in the classroom as well as in their athletic endeavors.

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