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Arrests continue in drug roundup

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A roundup of people indicted on various illegal drug charges continued Monday as the total number of suspects arrested grew to 62.

The roundup began Friday, March 14, as investigators fanned out across the county searching for a total of 83 suspects.

The 62, Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan said, was how many “we’ve picked up so far of the total of 83. “(We) will continue to search for the remainder.”

He noted there 83 total indictments handed down by the Wilson County grand jury during its recent session which resulted in 154 charges being filed.    

The drug roundup occurred after an 11-month investigation conducted by the Sheriff’s Department. During the past few months, several search warrants have been executed and cash, weapons and illegal narcotics have been seized. Among the illegal narcotics discovered by investigators were methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, prescription pills and heroin.

“We’re seeing more heroin. We’re seeing more methamphetamines and prescription pills,” Bryan said.

He noted that department investigators worked with the Bureau of TennCare’s Inspector General regarding the finding of prescription pills and will be prosecuting individuals on charges of TennCare fraud.

In addition, some of the suspects who were arrested as part of this roundup will face more charges as a result of what officers discovered upon placing them in custody. Some of those suspects have been convicted of other charges but were reportedly found to have a weapon in their home along with illegal drugs.

“There will be some additional charges from the arrests on Friday,” Bryan said.

And, he added, investigations and roundups such as this will continue.

“It’s an ongoing effort. We’re going stay persistent in fighting against narcotics. It affects all aspects of the county. It affects everything else. Burglaries go up, all other crimes go up. If we can put a dent in illegal narcotics in the county, maybe we can put a dent in the rest of the crimes in this county.”

Bryan said he wanted to complement his department’s Narcotics Division for their efforts during the months-long investigation. “They worked day and night. They did a heck of a job.”

He also added that the investigation and resulting roundup would not have been possible without the assistance of the public. “A big part of this is citizens involved in their communities and letting us know what’s going on.”

As of Monday, March 17, the following suspects had been arrested and charged as part of the roundup: 

Chris Gardner, 30, Sell Sch VI x 3, Sch II, SchVI, Drug Para

Jimmy Burrows, 33, Sell Sch III, Sell Sch VI

Mario McGowan, 35, Sell Sch VI x 2

Rocky Cox, 33, Sell Sch II

Vincent Gooch, 42, Sell Sch II x 4, Rev DL 13th, Rev DL, Sch VI, Sch III, Drug Para, Unlawful Poss of Weapon, Theft by Possession

Jerrod Hurd, 33, Sell Sch II

Romeko Shannon, 39, Sell Sch II x 2, Poss Sch II

Donald Weber, 45, Sell Sch VI x 2, Sch VI, Sch IV, Drug Para, Poss of Firearm

Dustin Newberry, 25, Crim. Att. To Commit Theft

Toby Randolph, 29, Sell Sch II

Kim Bradshaw, 33, Sell Sch III

Ryan Bradshaw, 42, Sell Sch III

Shon Miller, 37, Sell Sch VI x 2, Sch II, Drug Para, Poss Sch VI

Brandy Tomlinson, 31, Sell Sch III, TennCare Fraud

Fred Bashaw, 63, Sell Sch II X 3

Jennifer Elliott, 29, Sell Sch III

Josh Elliott, 29, Sell Sch II, Sell Sch III

Donald Brackens, 20, Sell Sch II, Poss of Firearm

Robert L. Kemp, 55, TennCare Fraud, Sch III x 3

Kathy Kemp, 45, Sell Sch III

Faith McCreery, 24, Poss Sch VI, Poss of Firearm

Donna Hawkes, 50, Sell Sch II

Jessie Randolph, 31, Sell Sch II x 2

Johnny Williams, 50, Drug Para, Mfg Sch VI, Sch VI, Poss of Firearm During Commission of     Felony, Unlawful Poss of Firearm 

Tafoya Alexander, 36, Sell Sch II x 2

Bronson Roberts, 40, Sell Sch VI x 2

Amanda Edwards, 20, Sell Sch III, Sell Sch IV

Tareko Butler, 34, Sell Sch II

Holly Beckman, 23, Sell Sch III x 2

Kyle Beckman, 25, Sell Sch III x 2, TennCare Fraud

Thea Kossa, 35, Sell Sch II, TennCare Fraud

Talisha Smith, 35, Sell Sch II, Sell Sch IV

Krista Stewart, 25, Sell Sch VI, Poss Sch VI, Simple Poss IV, Poss of Firearm During Commission of Felony

Jesse Majors, 75, Unlawful sale of Alcohol X 2, Unlawful Storage Of Liquor

Derrick J. Choate, 51, Sell Sch II x 2

Nicholas Sanford, 21, Mfg. Sch VI, Sch II, Drug Para

Kristen Jenkins, 33, Sell Sch II

Zachary Waggoner, 25, Sell Sch II

Katie Owens, 23, Sell Sch III, Conspiracy to sell Sch II, Theft Under 500

Jimmy Allen, 36, Sale Sch VI

Maurice Bailey, 26, Sale Sch II x 2

Kendra Bass, 35, Sale Sch VI, Poss Sch VI, Poss Firearm During Felony

William Bradley, 41, Sale Sch II

Katie Cousino, 23, Consp Sale Sch II, Theft, Sale Sch III

Jennifer Crook, 24, Poss Sch VI, Poss Firearm During Felony

Lafredrick Eddings, 30, Sale Sch II x 2

Charles Groomster, 39, Sale Sch II x 3, Manf Sch II

Billy Harmon, 37, Sale Sch VI, Driving on Suspended

Ginger Harmon, 39, Sale Sch VI x 2

Timothy Harris, 23, Sale Counterfeit Controlled Substance

Tamra Jennings, 39, Sale Sch II x 3

Tina Jobe, 37, Sale Sch II

Walter Long, 38, Sale Sch VI

Amanda Marsh, 29, Sale Sch II, Poss Sch VI, Poss Sch IV, Poss Drug Para

Antonio McMurray, 46, Sale Sch II x 2

Lequintius Neal, 24, Sale Sch II

Timothy Nunley, 38, Sale Sch I

Christina Odum, 34, Simple Poss Sch I

Michael Pruitte, 27, Poss Sch VI, Manf Sch VI, Poss Sch II, Poss Drug Para

Vonquinitis Smith, 40, Sale Sch II x 2, Manf Sch II

Brittany Speckman, 23, Sale Sch II

Angela Wright, 33, Sale Sch II 

Due to space limitations, certain words have been abbreviated: Sch for Schedule, Para for paraphernalia, x for times, meaning someone is facing, for instance, two counts or charges, Rev DL for revoked driver’s license, Poss for possession, Mfg or Manf for manufacturing and Consp for conspiracy.

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