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At the Movies with Doc - "The A-Team"

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Well the heat has been turned up outside!  And just when some of the summer's hottest movies are hitting theaters, it sure makes it a great time to sit back and relax in the well air-conditioned ROXY theater and take in a few. This past weekend I saw "The A-Team," which is the big-screen production based on the 80's hit television show of the same name. The movie stars Liam Neeson, who adequately reprises the role of Hannibal that George Peppard first made famous. Among others on Hannibal's team are "Face," played by current Hollywood heartthrob Bradley Cooper, and "Mad" Murdock, played by Sharlto Copley. Perhaps the most famous (or at least the most memorable) member of the original A-team was B.A. Baracus, famously played by Mr. T. The interesting story about Mr. T is that he was not even an actor by trade.  He was working in Chicago as a bouncer when he was discovered after appearing in a televised show, kind of a battle of the bouncers. I think it may have even been a segment on Wild World of Sports. I can remember watching the show and at the end of the "obstacle" course they put them through, each competitor had to reach up and ring a bell that was hanging up at the end of the course. I can remember like it was yesterday, when Mr. T raced to the finish and hit the bell, he hit it with such force that he completely broke it from where it had been attached! So the producers of the current "A-Team" knew they had some big shoes to fill, and adequately fill them they did with ultimate fighting star Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. The story is similar to the background story of the original. The four guys are Army Rangers who are falsely accused and imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. They escape and are on a quest to clear their names and get their military ranks back. The action is non-stop throughout the movie and is very intense. Some of it though is SO far-fetched and unbelievable that it takes away a lot of credibility and believability. But we have come to expect that it seems from most big-budget Hollywood films these days. Just once, I would like for the bad guys' guns to actually shoot straight. One upgrade that the new "A-Team" has that the original did not (mainly because she was only 1 when the television series first aired) is Hollywood starlet Jessica Biel. Biel plays the role of an Army captain who is centrally involved in the main plot of stolen "money plates" that can be used to counterfeit US currency. Biel's character is also romantically linked to Bradley Cooper's character, and this makes for some tense moments throughout the film. Overall, "The A-Team" is not going to win any major film or acting awards. But for a nice cool break from summer's intense heat, I recommend this movie, especially for anyone who likes non-stop action. You will get a couple of movies' worth of action in this film. And there is just enough comedy mixed in to make this worth the trip to the Roxy. Doc's advice for this film:   2 1/2 eyeballs
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