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Beauty tips from the pros

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What we read in print we tend to believe.

With that thought in mind, let’s hear it from the icons of Fashion, Image, and Beauty. The question was, “How do you define Beauty?”

This may surprise you, as it did me, at the comments, not necessarily the products that they feel make you beautiful.

Polly Mellen, began as editor of Vogue in 1966, stolen by Allure later in her career. She said, do not smoke, ever. Stay out of the sun. Do not complain. Plastic surgery has become far too prevalent. “Let yourselves be.”

Take care of your body. Eat right. Exercise. 

Jean Godfrey-June, Beauty director, Lucky, noted that “Beauty is confidence -- do not critique your body parts -- view the total you. Everyone is more beautiful with a few little things instead of a full look from a cosmetic company.”

Cara Kagan, Beauty and Fitness director, Elle, said “I think it is health. Sense of self. Use sunscreen. Quit smoking and limit alcohol. Eat well. Get some rest. Trust yourself to know what looks good on you -- don’t do some thing just because it is a trend. Be realistic and stop doing things that may not be working for you, anymore.

Didi Cluck, Beauty director, Marie Claire, said, “The longer I am in this business, the more I realize that models are born that way. The rest of us have limits to how physically perfect we can be. We are all born with tremendous strengths and talents. It is up to you to discover what yours is. The quickest makeover is to curl your lashes. Blotting papers are an instant face refresher at the end of the day (this tip is for oily skin) Add lip gloss. Don’t fear aging. A lot of women get better looking with age.”

Diana Byrne, Beauty and Fitness director, Seventeen, added, “There are many levels to the meaning of Beauty. It’s different for everyone. For some, it’s something we are always striving for and for others, it’s what makes us who we already are. Never cover your face in heavy, pancake makeup. Don’t try to cover up who you are, inside or out. Use a moisturizing sun block. Curl your lashes. Wash your face every night.”

Kerry Diamond, Beauty director, Harper’s Bazaar, said, “Your notions about beauty definitely change as you get older, and hopefully, wiser. I truly believe beauty comes from within and has more to do with your personality and your intelligence than your looks.

“Stay out of the sun! If you do that and wear sunscreen, you’ll be thankful down the road. If you don’t you are putting yourself at risk for skin cancer and a ton of wrinkles that you could have avoided. Use a hand cream with sunscreen. Your hands will give away your age as much as your face. (my comment, maybe more than your face). Remember, a little makeup goes a long way. With a little concealer, little blush, a little lip gloss, everyone looks better.”

Valerie Monroe, Beauty director, O, The Oprah Magazine, said, “Anything that’s true is beautiful! That includes how you speak and how you behave. If you’re  true to yourself, whatever you do is going to be beautiful. If you try to look like someone else, it’s going to distract from your beauty.

“Next time you are in front of the mirror, say ‘Hi Sweetie’ (Women are always – always -- more beautiful than they think they are.) Accept yourself at whatever age you are whatever weight that is healthy for you. Think twice before doing anything to your face that (is) going to change your ability to show emotion, like Botox.”

Lois Joy Johnson, Beauty and Fashion director, More, noted, “It is having a strong, resilient mind and body. It is a confident attitude and curiosity about life -- where you continue to learn, grow, evolve and achieve that balance of inner/outer health. It is not about age or specific looks, that’s for sure.

“For the woman over 40, exercise is the #1 source of energy, attitude, and confidence. Drink tons of water and pass up sodas and hi-cal juices. As a beauty editor for over 25 years, I know it makes a difference in your skin and overall looks.”

Carol Straley, Beauty and Fitness director, Ladies Home Journal, said, “I would say there’s a beauty you’re born with, which is fleeting, at best. Then there is the more lasting beauty that comes from all the joy and pleasure that you take out of life, and all the caring, thought and effort that you put back into life. To be beautiful, you have to be living a rich, meaningful and giving life. That to me is the essence of beauty.

“You can’t be beautiful unless you are happy. Don’t obsess about your flaws or try to be perfect. Never compare yourself to anyone else. Sun  protection, lip balm, sheer gloss. Fragrance is an absolute essential.”

Denise O’Donoghue, Beauty and Jewelry director, Bride’s, said, “Beauty has to do with how you feel about yourself -- mentally, spiritually, and physically. They say there is never an ugly bride, and it is true. So I think beauty has a lot to do with love and being surrounded by your favorite people who applaud and support you.

“Acknowledge your limitations, forget them, then find your best qualities -- do you have great legs…great hair…a great smile?

“Make that your statement. Avoid stress, or at least identify it and try to diffuse it.  When you are creating a look, listen to yourself first and last. Take in other people’s opinions, but never lose sight of what YOU want and what you are comfortable with.”

We would like to dedicate this to all of us as Mothers…Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks to Sonia Kashuk and Real Beauty.

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