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Bourne Legacy lacks what made previous three films special

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She is clearly not capable of avoiding spies and bad guys with guns, but she may or may not be equally responsible for the questionable CIA programs as Byer. The consequences of her genetic work and the implications of what she contributed to the programs arent really developed.

Legacy dispenses with anything that made Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum so successful. Of course its filled with fight scenes, interesting improvisation from Cross, car chases and global jet setting, but the human qualities that made Bourne so fascinating and sympathetic are missing.

Bourne began his plight at an extreme disadvantage against his pursuers, he had no memory of who he was and all he wanted to do was regain that memory. When he learned more and discovered he was a government agent designed to kill, he was able to make the conscious choice to be someone else.

Cross is rarely at a disadvantage and is only motivated by the fact that people tried to kill him. He never really voices any moral opposition to what he was designed to do and we never really get a good idea of the immoral things he may have done in the past.

Without a motivation as clear and interesting as Bourne, Cross is just another spy capable of awesome physical deeds. He may be a lab rat, and some flashbacks point to his past, but nothing is revealed to make you sympathize with him.

Its impossible not to look at Legacy without comparing it to the other three films because it tries so hard to remind you that this continues Bournes story. But it really doesnt.

Minor cameos and news footage of events in Ultimatum come across as a desperate attempt to remind the audience this is supposed to continue that story. But when theres nothing interesting and sympathetic at the center, such as Bournes plight, its just another spy vs. spy action circus.

Everything about Legacy made me feel bad for Renner, who is a genuinely good actor. His performance in The Hurt Locker in 2008 was phenomenal and showed what he is capable of doing.

He is able to carry an action series such as the Bourne trilogy, as its lead role, but since Locker hes been relegated to second fiddle (Avengers and Mission Impossible IV) or inheriting someone elses dirty laundry in Legacy.

The title implies what Jason Bourne accomplished by exposing and getting out of the government programs affects the actions of Cross. But all that we see is the CIA covering its tracks, finding out they have even worse programs and that nothing was actually resolved in Ultimatum.

That film ended with the indication that those responsible for Treadstone and Blackbriar were being brought to justice by Pamela Landy (Joan Allen) and Bournes actions. But then in Legacy it is indicated that none of that is true and the bad guys are just moving along and everyone else is falling for the nothing to see here routine.

Bournes story was so well done and successfully ended, they should have left it alone. But in Hollywood, successful movie franchises demand more movies and Im sure Legacy will make enough money to warrant another film.

Its just a shame Legacy nor its impending sequel dont and cant actually live up to Jason Bournes real legacy: a unique and interesting story centered on a deep and fascinating character.

Jeremy Renner deserves better.

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