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Britt & Blaire debut on Mt. Juliet Records

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It was fun and emotional. We had a lot of our family there too, our parents, Blaire said. Our moms were crying, Britt chimed in.

Theyve already got 10 songs cut, all original songs that Blaire has written, said Mike Borchetta of Mt. Juliet Records, who with wife Martha is producing and managing the act along with the duets uncle and Blaires father. Well have them performing (at live shows) songs that people will recognize and release another single before we do the album.

Borchetta, who signed Tim McGraw to his first record deal, said, They have this good teen appeal thats good for the audience. The most obvious market in the world is the teen market, but radio stations dont jump on it. Im hoping we can crack the ice somewhere.

Their harmony is so unique, almost like the Everly Brothers, if they were brother and sister, and a little bit of the Beach Boys. Id like to develop them into sort of an Everly Brothers meets the Beach Boys. And Brittany is gonna hit some notes that will give you chills, said the 50-year veteran of pop and country music business.{phocagallery view=category|categoryid=57|imageid=361|displayname=0|float=right}

Country boy Blaire grew up in Macclenny, Fla., which he describes as a little town where everybody knows everybody. About three or four churches. Word gets around. The cops dont take you to jail, they take you to your daddy. Its a really close community.

City girl Britt was born and raised about a 30-minute drive away from Macclenny in metropolitan Jacksonville, Fla., where she sang her first solo in church at 3 and later performed in plays and musicals in school.

I liked doing it, but it was not until I met Blaire that I thought this is what I want to do, she said.

The pair met at a karaoke night at Calenders Deli in Macclenny when they were 17. Blaire had been playing guitar since the age of 9 and began dabbling in songwriting at 14 but never considered himself a singer.

When I met her, I told her, Ive written some songs. I never really sang em to her, but more or less whispered them. She told me, Youve got a good voice. I want you to go over there and sing just one on karaoke night, and I did and people clapped, Blaire recalled.

After that I started skipping school to go to her house and write music with her, and I thought that we could pursue this. We were getting better and better.

{phocagallery view=category|categoryid=57|imageid=362|displayname=0|float=left}The duo had a connection in Nashville, songwriter-producer Dean Scallan, so they sent him a homemade demo. That led to a couple of trips to Music City and then a phone call from Borchetta last year.

We didnt know who Mike was. I ended up Googling him, and then I was like, Wow! This guy can get us places. We ended up coming here, Blaire said.

At the time, he labored at his fathers air conditioning company as a maintenance helper, and Britt worked in a local boutique, Classy Crossroads.

We came up here, and Mike said, We really, really like your stuff. That was awesome, Britt recalled. They said, This is going to be the biggest thing that ever walked into Nashville, and I was like, Holy crap. Mike Borchetta just said that about us. We were really excited and kept moving forward, and here we are.

The couple married in mid-February and moved to Mt. Juliet two weeks later. They signed their record deal in March and before the month was out, Young Summer was playing on radio stations.

We were so excited to be here, but at the same time were a little nervous of the unknown. There were a lot of changes happening at one time, she recalled.

The first thing the Borchettas did was help get us out of the green mode. We were too green, too new, and we still are, but theyre trying to get us ready, Blaire said.

Theyre starting at the bottom, echoed Borchetta, a master of radio promotion. Theyre gonna be big.

Blaire described their sound as trop rock. Its kinda got that Jimmy Buffett feel, he said. One of his tunes is titled Eat, Drink and Stay Salty. He co-writes with veterans Michael Huffman, Billy Holt and Scallan.

To help prepare them for concerts, Borchetta lined up a Country Music Association Week gig at Tootsies on Nashvilles Lower Broadway. He had them learn such standards as Islands in the Stream, Golden Ring, Bye Bye Love and Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man.{phocagallery view=category|categoryid=57|imageid=365|displayname=0|float=right}

The youngsters are basically getting a crash course in Country Music 101, while they make their home in a Mt. Juliet garage apartment in the woods which they have dubbed the tree house.

I dont really have expectations, Britt said. Our goal is that we hope that we are going make it and do big things. We want to give a good testimony to people as well and be good influences and role models for younger kids.

Im the same way: no expectations, Blaire said. I set high goals, Im a striver. I keep going, but I keep praying: keep God first, remember where we came from. I want to have songs our fans will relate to.

Everybody has taken us under their wing in Nashville: Huff Daddy (Huffman), Dean Scallan, and, of course, the Borchettas. In the past few months, weve gotten really close to them. Its just been a miracle. Everything in our lives just lined up. We say, Its just too good to be true, but then again you think, That its gotta happen. God has lined us up absolutely perfect, and I feel like if we just keep our nose clean and do what were supposed to and work hard, Hes gonna make it happen, and its gonna be unstoppable.

We should write a book and title it God Is Real and We Can Prove It and include every little detail that has lined up for us, Britt said, because it has been a miracle.

Writer Ken Beck may be contacted at

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