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Don't hurry, be happy

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Here we are, only a month in, and I'm already digressing and diverting from the fitness and nutrition game plan. I think I have the attention span of a - SQUIRREL! Huh? Oh, sorry, back to the article.

I want to take a break from the usual to talk about something that I think is infinitely more important than talk of exercise form, nutritional habits or any of the like. I want to talk about a simple emotion. I want to talk about the power of being happy.

I remember a time growing up (I'm pushing 38, for those who didn't know) when it seemed like working 40 hours a week was enough, something to be proud of. If you worked 2 jobs, you were really a "go-getter" and someone to admire. But nowadays that seems like the norm. It seems like everybody is either working more than 60 hours a week or working two, maybe three jobs. On top of kids. On top of school. On top of - SQUIRREL! Dang it! Sorry.

My point is, we are all so stinking busy, rushing from one obligation to the next, that we never stop to enjoy life. We have the best intentions. Get into a good school to get a good education. Get a good amount of student loan debt to pay for the schooling. Get a good job to pay for the debt and support a family. Buy yourself a nice new car or new home along the way. Work even harder to pay off the car and/or house. And maybe, juuuuust maybe, when we're in our golden years, we'll be able to relax for a few years and reminisce on the good old days... when we were able to "enjoy" working so hard.

Now, I'm a BIG believer in hard work, in constantly pursuing an education, in supporting your loved ones and in buying new toys, but my point is that we sometimes forget to slow down and enjoy the moment. We fly though our day on autopilot, just trying to make it back home in one piece at night so we can spend a few moments with our loved ones. We get angry at those who dare to drive a little too slow in front of us or who are so inconsiderate as to have a brief moment of caring conversation with the cashier when we're obviously the most important person in line. Don't they know that?!

I have a suggestion, one that I've suggested in previous videos. I have no idea which ones (it's tough digging through 370 something videos). Take the first five minutes of the day, or the last if that's better, and be thankful. I'm not talking meditation, I'm not talking prayer. I'm talking about sitting there, eyes closed, and picture everybody or everything you're grateful for. Think about your kids, your pets, your parents, your job, your education, your future, your past. Whatever it is. But let those thoughts fill you with so much excitement that you feel like you're radiating enough happiness and positivity to light up a Christmas tree. Become a beacon of joy. We need more joy in this world, so why not let it start with you?

Sure, some days will be hard. But take the time to practice your gratitude every day, without failure. If you're tired, in a rush, cranky, etc. just stick with it. You will NOT be deterred.

As you continue harvesting your happiness you'll begin to notice subtle changes. The slow driver won't make you so mad anymore. You'll smile as you notice two human beings engaged in a cool conversation instead of stomping your feet as you wait. It's a simple process that literally takes 0.0035% of your day but the dividends are infinite. They will pay themselves forward a million fold. You can even keep a gratitude journal if you'd like. It's worth it, I promise.

As always everybody, thank you for reading. Live life happy, live life healthy and live life fresh!

Andy Frisch, NASM CPT, CES, PES, WFS, IFT, NESTA FNC, is a personal trainer and nutrition coach who enjoys working with clients of all shapes, sizes and ages. He currently train clients at Sports Village Fitness in Lebanon, works with clients online at and frequently posts videos on his YouTube channel. He may be contacted at

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