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Follow the money and disregard the facts

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To the Editor:

Look out, here come the rabid Tea Baggers, Oath Keepers and 912ers armed to their teeth with .50 caliber Bushmasters and going beyond any First Amendment right; cussing, spitting and throwing out bigoted epithets. They’re disregarding the fact that in the past 17 months 500 Iraq veterans have been diagnosed with myelogenous leukemia and many more are being found with cancer that were first misdiagnosed as asthma from severe respiratory symptoms. Yet it is public information that thousands of tons of depleted uranium, dioxin and other hazardous chemicals have been dumped in Iraq where the vets were deployed, going so far as to poison the water to kill the fish, a source of the Iraqi people’s livelihood. From this wrongdoing who stands to gain, the average veteran or American, the Iraqi people or the corporate war producers; or as in Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there is your heart also.” In other words, “follow the money”; where 33 cents of every tax dollar in 2009 went toward war and only 1 cent to war prevention.

In spite of the Baggers, etc. are being cheered on by those such as Glenn Beck (they’ll pull the plug on Grandma), Rush Limbaugh (there’ll be death panels), Phil Valentine (they’re baby killers), Sarah Palin (don’t retreat – reload) and likewise. While there again, “follow the money.” Presumably they’re rebelling over government spending, taxes and against health care for all, against helping thy neighbor, or the least of them in need. From their anomaly they are either uninformed in incapable of understanding that the multinational corporations hustling the money and working the angles are the ones forming the mindset of the U.S. Empire. And that it is the largest government discretionary expense and historically the most wasteful form of government spending with cost overruns, fiscal abuse, political corruption and pork barrel interests depleting the federal budget; Iraq alone costing $6 trillion. Yet there are always billions available for perpetual war and more killing, which invariably they never mention. Not even when the Supreme Court gave the corporations more control, though in effect most of the world knows Benito Mussolini said, “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism.”

While to dismantle the U.S. military/corporate “world domination” and ongoing ever increasing larger killing machines such as Lockheed Martin’s F-35 joint strike fighter (positing the entire planet as a military cemetery) would save average Americans trillions of dollars and help cure much of our mounting need, debt and instability. Not to mention untold lives to be saved and hungry mouths to be fed, it is not about to happen for few can even imagine it, and thereby are promoting it. Although from lack of action and good deeds, we’ve degenerated into a war ravaged radioactive and noxious world; where, on the contrary, flower beetles, fruit flies and cockroaches are way more than a plenty.

Robert KnowlesLebanon

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