Today is Sunday, August 20, 2017

Granny's Gone

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As many know my mother spent the month of June with us, which meant the house was clean, the kids were fed and there were many a night when I'd get home, put my feet up and wonder why I ever moved out of my parent's home.

But then July rolled around, and just like that, the clock struck midnight and I was returned to life before Granny arrived. And that life no longer smells like freshly laundered sheets with a little bit of heaven mixed in for good measure. Nope - my former life smells like wet dog, dirty socks and yesterday morning's coffee that has sat on the counter all day. I'm not the only one missing Granny either, it took Brody about three days to run out of crisp clean towels and perfectly packaged leftovers before he, too, realized the spell was broken.

So as I returned home from work on Friday, a week after Granny magically disappeared, and waded through dirty laundry, muddy shoes, half chewed dog bones and discarded cans of soft drinks....I came upon my children.

All three of them.

Sitting there.

Watching television.

"Hey Mom, what are you making for dinner? When did you schedule my hair appointment? What time is soccer practice and who is taking me? Nobody washed my shorts and Madison won't let me borrow hers, will you tell her to share!"

You see, while Brody and I are devastated by the fact Granny is gone, my children, have not taken it quite as hard. While they adore Granny, they soon realized that Granny doesn't work her magic on her own. She scoffs at the notion that children should sleep late in the summer or should spend their days watching "Criminal Minds" before a quick dip in the pool. Granny runs a tight ship and these three were crying mutiny about two weeks into her visit. Which was right about the time they also realized homemade meatloaf, fresh mashed potatoes and creamed corn come with strings...and all sorts of pots and pans that need washing.

I sometimes wonder if it was all a dream. A wonderful, crazy dream where once every century, much like Brigadoon, this magical place appears out of the mist, to be enjoyed just for a short time, and then slowly disappears, as if it never was. Except unlike Brigadoon, Granny still calls, texts and Facebooks daily reminders on how things were and how they can be again.

That smell of heaven...Mom says it's Gain Laundry Detergent, Sunflower & Sunshine to be exact. Those mashed potatoes, you can buy potatoes in the freezer section ready to mash, add a little milk and butter and they are still, technically, homemade. And those kids of mine, according to Granny, have quite a talent for folding towels and making beds...a talent, she found, I also possessed at their age. So as I sit here on Sunday night writing my piece, I'm happy to report that my house is clean, my kids are fed and the scent of heaven is back for good. And while it may not be quite the same as having Granny here, my kids are thoroughly exhausted...which means I'm on the right track.

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