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Healthcare reform approval all about control, writer says

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To the Editor:

Now that U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper has given a thumbs-up for so-called healthcare “reform,” it seems appropriate to hear from one of thousands of his constituents who urged him to vote against this monstrosity.

We have the best healthcare system in the world and it is not broken. Why else would people from other countries come to U.S. hospitals to have surgery when they are refused certain procedures or have long waiting periods for treatment in their own country?

While I have always worked for companies who had good healthcare coverage, I’m not going to pretend there are not some problems. Denying coverage for pre-existing conditions could be resolved on a one-issue basis rather than throwing everyone, including the baby, out with the bathwater. Changing laws to shop across state lines would encourage competition among insurance companies. Shopping for healthcare in groups called co-ops and negotiating for lower premiums, deductibles, etc. is another good idea.

What frustrates and angers me most is the mentality in Washington that to kill an ant you need a sledgehammer! Believe me folks, this is all about control.

I was amused at Rep. Cooper’s remark that now “children” to age 26 would be covered (that is a very old child) because they are at most risk for car accidents. What next? Covering 26 year olds’ car insurance? Step right up folks, get your free healthcare and car insurance all in one package.

Has it every occurred to any of the misguided politicians in Washington who never read the bills they foist on us. That all these goodies will have to be paid for? Paid for how? By hatching up new taxes for “the mean ole rich people” to pay. Don’t you see? We can spread the wealth around. Aren’t you glad you don’t aspire to be rich? It doesn’t matter that your children/grandchildren will be saddled with debt for decades to come and forfeit the standard of living most of us enjoy every today. But hey, let’s just spend, spend, spend, spend and let the next two generations worry about it.

Complete control over our lives by some bureaucrat in Washington is not acceptable. Let’s do some housecleaning and replace them with men and women who truly believe in and staunchly defend the principles upon which this country was founded, who don’t trample upon the Constitution, who listen to their constituents, who embrace the sacredness of human life, who are incorruptible (yes, they do exist). Let’s not just be Republicans, Independents, or Democrats. Let’s be Americans first.

Brenda KellowLebanon

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