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How to avoid being put on What NOT to Wear

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We all know the show…did you ever wonder if they might be watching  you?

Maybe your friends are conspiring behind your back. Stacy and Clinton could be a few feet away with their camera crew. Don’t wait until they have to set you straight! A few tips could save the embarrassment of the whole world watching your shame to fame.

-Dress Your Size. Girls, a size 12 should never try to squeeze into a size 8. No, it won’t fit. Clothes are meant to be comfortable. The buttons ARE supposed to close without a gap. The pockets ARE to lie flat. Seams are NOT to stretch.

Okay, the designers do cut their clothes differently. So, you might luck up and find a size 10 that fits. Yes, the higher $$ have more room to spare. Just don’t count on this. A size 12 is a size 12 in most styles.

-Where are you going? What you wear to a wedding is NOT appropriate for work. You never wear jeans to a black tie dinner. Not even in Nashville.

Okay, I’ll give you that one. You probably would see jeans in Nashville on any occasion. Lacy, skimpy, slick, and shiny are not to be seen in your office.

Skirt length should be just above your knee to just under your knee. Don’t make me come over there! At the top of the list when corporate calls me is dress codes.

One more thought while we are here. Sweats, oversized tops, baggy pants, or just slouchy clothing will get you on the show fast! We are watching…

- Dress YOUR Age. Nothing is sadder than to see a woman or a man trying to look like they did, “back in the day.” Wisdom is when you know you could fit into your teens clothing and then…. knowing it is too young for you to wear.

I once saw a woman, say over 40, in a satin party dress and pink stilettos at the Wilson County Fair. Yes, the fair…crowded and messy by the cattle barn.

Okay, I thought of catching her and dragging her off. Mike said it would cause too much of a scene. He has such wisdom! Maybe next time.

Keep in mind that pigtails, braids and ribbons belong to the youth of today. You had your turn. There are simply too many attractive hair styles to have to compete with our kids.

We could go on and on…enough said.

- Dress Nicely. Quality is what it is all about. No, we cannot afford to buy the best in today’s economy. But, we can buy wisely.

Can you say consignment? If you are one of only a few who has not heard my shouts from the roof top, hear me now! I have a list of some of the best. Email me at

Someone paid big bucks for clothing in these shops and boutiques. Come on, everyone is doing it! Wonderful, quality fabrics, gently worn or still with tags, go and explore. You’ll see your friends there.

They have seasonal selections. Maybe you are okay for summer. Check out the fall and winter styles. Ask when they will bring these out.

Why go to a discount store when you can save $$ and find treasures for your wardrobe?

You know, I make a lot of people nervous. It is fun to watch shoes slide under the tables as I walk by. Really, it is not my intent. Most of the time I barely notice.

Come on, Stacy and Clinton have never stopped a woman in a nice fitted top with a classic pant or skirt that actually fits.

- Modesty, please. Truth? News flash…no one wants to see your low cut top or  skin tight pant nor a too short skirt. 

Even if your body is built for it, give us a break! These are not the streets of Vegas.

If you know your Mother would be ashamed of your outfit, don’t wear it!

Wonder if they own a full length mirror? Just the other day I watched a woman at Providence wearing a tube top. Most of her tummy was showing, complete with three rhinestone rings in her belly button. She is a Mother of three. What was she thinking???

You simply cannot look any better than the clients I see daily. But, they follow the rules. They look ever so good, but with classic style. It doesn’t take long for my girls and guys to learn that Good Taste is Always in Style.

You have to admit we have some nice looking people in Wilson County, but those who forget the rules may have someone lurking nearby.

Remember, I warned you! It is a long drive for Stacy and Clinton, but think about this…they have not done a Nashville segment yet, have they?

Editor’s Note: Judith Taylor, AICI, CIP may be reached by e-mailing her at Her website is She is a monthly contributor to The Wilson Post.


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