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I Get By (with a little help)

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Well, we've come to the end. Week 8 of the core values series introduces the final, and likely the most difficult, value for many of the go-getters out there. We often associate the act of achieving with personal satisfaction so we absolutely abhor the thought of asking for help. But maybe we could use a little assistance in seeing things clearly.

I covered the idea of delegating slightly back in week 4 when we discussed community. Not surprisingly, I heard from a small handful of people that they have a hard time doing this.

Look, I get it. Nobody can do things exactly as you want them. You'll have to watch them every step of the way. Then, if they mess it up, you'll just have to do it yourself anyways. Sound familiar?

Here's the thing, asking for help allows for a fresh perspective. It allows somebody new to the situation to come in and put forth their best effort. Moreover, it allows that person a chance to learn and grow. Especially if they - gasp! - mess it up the first time or two.

Think about it like this, as your baby begins to attempt walking they'll fall down, right? Do you jump in after the first time, yell, "No, no, no... like THIS," strutting around the living room, showing them how it's done? If you answered Yes, please seek immediate professional counsel.

In addition, you just may learn something new yourself. One of my sub points to the value of asking for help when you need it is, and I quote, "No one person knows everything, even if I pretend like I do." This lesson did not come easy.

When I first set out to build my new website, I asked around and did my research. A few of the high-achieving people I know told me to outsource the work. In other words, they said to pay somebody else to design my website. Like, pay somebody else? To make MY website? Are you mad?!

I brushed it off with rationalization. I actually still do. I told myself, and them, that I'd prefer to learn all the necessary website coding, systems management, analytics and other tedious bits for myself. At the time I told myself I simply wanted to learn, but looking back I think I can honestly say it came from a fear of trusting somebody else to represent me.

On the bright side, I learned a lot. But on the other hand, I suffered a lot. I recall accidentally deleting entire web pages that I had spent days working on. Hours of time wasted with customer service. Hundreds of dollars spent on one program when I really needed the other option. Too many headaches to count. It was a journey on which I could've used guidance.

One of the most valuable professions in existence today is exactly that, professional guidance. Call them coaches, mentors, role models or leaders, but those of us who lend our expertise to guide others are an often overlooked resource. Even as a trainer and coach myself, I believe in being mentored. What's the sense in taking years to find out what somebody else already knows? The hardest part is admitting we need the help.

If you'd like more information on finding mentors or overcoming the fear of asking for help, visit and click the blog, "With a little help." In it, I provide links to valuable websites, books, and apps that are sure to offer guidance for your obstacle.

We're all on our own journey and sometimes we need a little direction to find the path again. Believe it or not, many times asking for help can be the strongest action we have available. Ask yourself, what are some areas in your life that you're struggling and where could you find a mentor? Find a person of quality and allow them to help. It can save you years. Remember, time is the one thing you can never get more of.

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