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Is 2010 the Year to Lose 10?

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Is 2010 the Year to Lose 10?

You’re facing the new calendar year, and who doesn’t think about losing 5, 10, 20 or more pounds? I bet you’ve got your weight loss plan in place. What I’d like to help you with is looking great throughout the process. You’re not allowed to neglect your shape while you’re transforming into a new one. You work on your weight loss regimen and I’ll coach you through making the most of your current wardrobe and helping you decide when it’s time to shop.

First things First!

If you get really still, someone will bring a new diet to you. You'll find it hard to avoid these. You will trip over the papers. You'll find them left in the copier, pasted on your cubicle at work, left in the lunch room, by accident. Yeah, right!

Hey, you are reading about them right now.

Truthfully, they will all work. It is the sticking to them that creates a problem.We all start off great. We see the pounds melting. The bathroom scale is no longer a guilt machine waiting to remind you of the chocolate cake from the night before!

We, at A fashion thought, commend you. We are your cheering squad. My concern is three-fold, your health, sensibility and your $$.

Your health, it should be something that your body can do, healthily. If you shop in the grocery and can stay away from the center of the store, you are sure to win. Processed foods are not a dieter's friend. They are full of salt, additives and chemicals we cannot pronounce.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are at the heart of most healthy diets. Canned anything is NOT healthy.

Let's be sensible. Packaged drinks, powdered and shaken, are one way, but not the best way.

"Aunt Jane's" super, sure fire, way to lose is not sensible. Have you seen Aunt Jane lately?

Be cautious. Be careful. Be aware of phony promises. Ask lots of questions. Again, they all work temporarily.

As for $$, how much do they cost? The number one issue in January 2010 is weight loss. We have all heard the words, let us say them together, "This NEW year, I am going to lose weight."

Programs that are followed will work. Some promise all you want to lose for $$$.Again, they all work, IF you stay on the program!

Now, I am NOT trying to stop your New Year's resolutions. Just want to add a dose of common sense.

You go! Get the equipment. Sign up for the gym. Try the diet drinks. Join the club!

Our thoughts and best wishes are for your success. And as Richard Simmons says, "YOU CAN DO IT."  Just do it the right way. Exercise, regular meals, rest and follow your doctor's advice.

Now Get Up. Get OFF the Couch. I'll meet you at the gym. Yep, I am going to lose this New Year, too!

Celebrate 5 — You’re on the right track!

Weighing 5 pounds less, you haven’t yet gone down a size, but those clothes that were feeling too snug are feeling comfortable again. Good for you! Take a look at your belts. If it shows too much wear on the hole you’ve been relying on, think about investing in a new one. Ready for the next 5?

Celebrate 10 — Way to go!

At this point you may have dropped a size. Is it time to buy new clothes or alter the ones you have? It depends on how much you plan to lose. Alterations are a great option at this point. Waistbands, even if they are elastic, can be taken in to fit better. Did you know a bra could be altered? Especially when you are losing weight, your undergarments need to fit properly and support your changing body.

Celebrate 20 — Awesome!

Wow! Time to get out in the stores and try on clothes that will fit the size you are right now. The cost of alterations at this point may be higher than just investing in a few new clothing items. You need to be looking out for and avoiding pants with drooping crotches or sagging bottoms. If this is a milestone and you still have weight to lose, take advantage of low cost clothes at places like Marshall’s, Ross Dress for Less, TJ Maxx, or any outlet stores near you. You may have been limited before by the kinds of tops you could wear. Try tops with princess lines or blouses with closer-fitting silhouettes to show off your shape. And men, maybe you are ready to try some knit Polo shirts (not too tight!) to show off your trimmer mid section. When you wear clothes that compliment your new shape, you will look like you’ve lost more than 20 pounds.

Celebrate 40 — You’re the champ!

Don’t be surprised if not only your clothes are different sizes but your shoe size and even your ring size may have changed. Your face may have a different shape too. Time to get a new haircut that will flatter your new shape. You may want to go to a new hair stylist, one who hasn’t been watching the progress and has a fresh take on flattering lines for your face. You need new basics. Consider buying new pants, jeans, T-shirts, sweaters (no oversized sweatshirts, please), or blouses. Get familiar with belts. A belt is a great accessory that can help you get more mileage out of your clothes. Adding a belt to a waistline can accommodate another 5 pounds of weight loss without your clothes looking too baggy.

Celebrate the new you!

“When I lose the weight, I’ll look great,” is what everyone says to herself or himself. But here’s the truth, people who lose weight don’t automatically know how to dress their new body once they get it. In fact, they’ll continue to shop for clothes that worked for their previous shape just out of habit. This is when it’s great to invest in an image consultant’s services like mine. I can help you understand your new body and figure out how to dress for it. How could you possibly know how to do this yourself? You haven’t worked with this body before. I’ll help you find the best fit, style and silhouette for your changing or new shape. Whether it’s finding existing outfits in your closet or shopping for the missing pieces in your wardrobe, I’ll be there to celebrate with you and help you look your new best.

Contact me by email Call me at the studio (615) 773 5341.

Editor’s Note: Judith Taylor, AICI, CIP is a monthly contributor to The Wilson Post.

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