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In the beginning, there was Superman.  Later on, came others such as The Amazing Spider Man, Iron Man, and Batman.  Flash forward to 2010, and in the populous world of Super Heroes, we are introduced to our newest fearless defender of justice....and his name is KickAss. "Kick-Ass" is the story of average teenager Dave Lizewski, played by Britain's Aaron Johnson, and his desire to rid his city of some of it's criminal element.  Whether he has seen too many movies, played too many video games, or just read one too many comic books, the young Lizewski has one major flaw in his ambitious plan: He has ABSOLUTELY no "super-powers".  The truth is, he probably wouldn't even make his high school's wrestling team.  This "lack of powers" does not stop him from trying to help the girl, Erika, with whom he is secretly in love.  And his time as a "Super Hero" and as a living, breathing teenager would have assuredly been brief, if not for the help of a couple of other would-be heroes, Big Daddy and Hit-Girl.  Big Daddy, played by Nicolas Cage, is a former highly decorated police officer who has a score to settle with the city's most notorious crime syndicate, after he was framed for something he did not do.  He spends some time in jail, and when he gets out, he takes it upon himself to systematically take out this bad element all the way to the top crime boss.  And being a devoted father to his young daughter, Hit-Girl, played by Atlanta native Chloe Moretz, Cage does not buy his daughter puppies or baby dolls.  No, he teaches the young girl all aspects of high powered weaponry and how to use them.  The real-life 13 year old Moretz plays a remarkably believable role, and quite honestly is the star of just about every scene she is in.   Other than Cage(who we will probably see appearing in MANY films the next few years as he tries to work his way out of his large IRS tax debt), there are not many recognizable faces in this movie.  One exception is none other than Christopher Mintz-Plasse.  Many will remember him as Fogell (or as the name on his Hawaiian driver's license says "McLovin") from the 2007 comedy-hit "SuperBad".  He plays the role of the son of the crime boss who Big Daddy and Hit-Girl are trying to take down.  He himself gets into the super hero act.  In an attempt to show his own father that he is indeed ready to help with the "family business", he creates the supposed crime fighting character Red Mist.  He uses his newly found fame in a scheme to expose Kick-Ass and his entire gang of crime-fighters. Overall, "Kick-Ass is a pretty fun ride.  But make no mistake, this IS NOT a movie for young children.  The R-rating is well deserved.  It is an original story, with a good mix of action and humor.  It will never make the hundreds of millions of dollars that movies of the other Super Heroes such as "Dark Knight", "Spider Man, or "Iron Man" have made the past several years, but if you like to root for the underdog, and have a few laughs along the way, then I think you would enjoy this movie.  Doc's advice for this film:  Three eyeballs
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