Today is Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Lord, lift us up

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Today is a bitter cold day and the sun does not shine. Our world seems to go on turning even with all its problems. Our nation stands at a threshold of financial problems.

How are we going to react? Are we to sit and rue our fate or are we going to seize the moment and adjust our attitude so we can change our part of God’s world? God loves us and all of mankind. Let us live for Him and for all our fellowmen and just maybe we will truly make a mark upon God’s world. Change could truly occur.

Let us reason about the things coming to pass in the United States of America. A new President of the United States was sworn in on Jan. 20. It was done with some fanfare but not in anger. This has always been a blessing to our nation. May it always be so! Who is our new President? I know his name is Barack Obama. When I close my eyes and listen, I hear a man of great intelligence, a man of learning and understanding. I hear a man yearning to serve and to give his life to our land. I hear a man who knows our road will be rocky in days to come, but he believes that with change and zeal we as a people can rite our ship of state and sail on into a tomorrow of promise.

So far I suspect our minds dwell upon the financial problems of our world and specifically of our nation. This is normal for we as a nation have been so blessed over my lifetime. I believe God loves all people, “red and yellow, black and white. They are precious in His sight.”

What change other than financial do you hope for our great land? Our new President has said he feels that his being elected to the highest office in our land will cause black children to look at themselves differently. He also feels that white children will look at black children differently. If both do this, what great strides this land will make and you know blacks and whites can look inward and feel better toward themselves and each other. A kinder and gentler nation will surely please our God.

Another person who is a great asset to her husband and to her nation is Michelle Obama. She graduated from Princeton and Harvard Universities. First, you can’t get into these schools without ability and second, she has used her education to rise in the business world. It has been so nice to hear of how her husband won her heart. He had to meet both her and her family’s ideals before she gave him her heart. This sounds much like the middle class of my day. I believe she will shed light to all peoples of our land and just possibly marriage will come closer to being in vogue than it is today.

I hope these character advantages as well as the financial understanding of our problems will help us to see red, white and blue rather than black or white as we see people.

Some 80 years ago, my father was Superintendent of Schools in Wilson County. As I grew up, I remember him coming home and saying to my mother, “Nora, the white man has no corner on brains.” Then he would tell of a black teacher or a black child and something unusual they had done. Those black teachers in that age had only an eighth grade education. At that point, 1927, he got a black high school built on Market Street, the second one in Middle Tennessee. He attended every graduation of that school until he died in 1965. We have come far in my lifetime.

America has something else to be proud about today; Capt. Chesley Sullenberger landed his plane on the Hudson River in New York City with such adroitness that no one’s life was lost of the 155 people on board.

A graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, a jet fighter pilot with years spent in commercial aviation, he had learned his lessons of survival clearly. He also had taught others the arts. Never expecting that an event like this would come his way, with his mind so controlled he put every ounce of knowledge to work and the result was outstanding. We can all take heart and so conduct ourselves so that we might perform some noble feat if the opportunity presents itself. This man has said little, but the world recognizes greatness.

Another happening was the recognition of the people on the plane. Especially the young fathers who thought they might never see their wives and children. God and the pilot were uppermost in their minds. What is a miracle? Is it when preparation and faith brings God’s standards to his attention?

Our nation and our people have much to fee good about today. God, please help us to support you and our nation’s leaders to reach for a higher ground on which to stand.

Editor’s Note: Mr. Waters is a resident of Lebanon and a contributor to The Wilson Post. 

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