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Make necessary cuts, then writer will support tax, fee increases

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To the Editor:

“WE” the people have spoken

I found it interesting that entire citizenry of Lebanon wrote a full page letter (paid advertisement) supporting Mayor Craighead.  I find that remarkable because I can’t even organize a dinner party for two without it turning it into looking like I’m trying to hurd cats., much less the entire city of Lebanon. (referring to the full page ad dated June 5th.)

I counted no less than Eleven “We-s in this praise and worship of our new leader. Let me, too, add my thanks and appreciation for someone who has never tackled a position of city leader before.

However, before we get too gushy here let me ask a few questions about “why” and “who” wrote this advertisement. (surely the entire number of citizens in Lebanon did’t get together and write this????.........really?)  Or….could it be the approximate number of former Mayor Foxs’ political appointees who still work on the city payroll and know they have been identified? Let’s talk about those appointee positions.  Just what are they and what do they do?  Let’s start with the Personnel Department.  They’ve already proven that we don’t need that department.  How do we know that?  Try going by are calling the office and see if you can ever find anyone there.  Next, what is a city “Liaison” and just what the heck do they do? Frankly, if I need to do business with the city I either call or go up there are and take care of it myself.  I don’t need a “liaison” to point me to the right department I’m looking for.  Heck, isn’t that we have a receptionist for and I bet we don’t pay our receptionist $47,000 a year either. Next, let’s talk about a “Corporate Accounts Specialist” for the Jimmy Floyd Center. How many ‘corporate accounts do they sell at the center per year?  My guess….less than one.  This list of political appointees  goes on and on.  I think you’re beginning to get the picture here.  Lebanon simply has too many overpaid executives on its’ payroll.  When times were good maybe we could have afforded them and not felt the budget strain. Now that times are lean and it’s time to take a serious look at what we’re getting and what we are paying for.

One more question:  Who paid for all of the Ads to run in the local papers?Were they paid for with taxpayer funds?  Just who are the “Concerned Citizens for Lebanon future”?

Please understand this issue is about only a few select individuals that were appointed to their position by the former Mayor.  The city of Lebanon has a round number of 335 hard working and dedicated men and women that show up EVERY day and take great pride in the work they do for you the citizens of Lebanon.  It’s also these same 335 employees (give or take) that also know who these same appointees are and know that they get to work under a different set of rules than the average worker.  Folks, that is just simply not fair!

Now here is a suggestion for our new Mayor (who we all love and admire).  Rather than talk about “raising taxes”, taking even more money out of our employees paycheck,  putting sanitation fees and other fees on the citizens of Lebanon why don’t you take a long hard look at some of the folks who you know that are not doing their jobs.  Admittedly, you were the “right choice” to be mayor now act like it and start making some much needed cuts to employees who neither show up to work or simply don’t do anything when the do get there.  Once you’ve done that you can count on me to help raise all the taxes and fees you want to.

One final note of disclaimer.  This piece was written only by One person……not the entire number of “Citizens concerned for Lebanon’s future”.

Bob “notso” BrightLebanon

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