Today is Friday, August 18, 2017
Bryant marker re-dedicated at Long Hunter State Park

A special ceremony was held at Long Hunter State Park on Saturday, June 18, to rededicate the newly located Sherrod Bryant Tennessee Historical Marker.

Bryant (1781-1854) was a farmer who settled in an area that later became known as Bryant Grove and which is now a part of Long Hunter State Park. By 1850, Bryant — a land owner and slave owner -- was recognized as one of the wealthiest free blacks in Tennessee. Bryant is buried in Bryant Town Cemetery in Donelson.

Previously the Bryant historical marker was situated along Couchville Pike in Rutherford County, but recently it was moved to Bryant Grove Recreation Area at Long Hunter State Park in order to make it more accessible.

And... A Good Time Was Had by All!

By Norma Bixler

As a weekly newspaper editor many moons ago before moving to Lebanon in 1974, the newspaper I was associated with,  like most weeklies in those days, reserved space each week for communities to report on the ‘comings and goings’of the folks who lived there. In reporting an event of their community, correspondents would always conclude their columns by saying, “And, a good time was had by all.”

I used to chuckle at this pronouncement wondering if the writer did a poll in order to make this claim.
Well, folks that is just what happened July 17 at the Mature Lifestyles Senior Boomer Extravaganza’s Purity Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social held at the Gallatin Civic Center...”A good time WAS had by ALL!


Senior Boomer event set July 17

Senior Boomer Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social

There is no better place for senior and boomers of Middle Tennessee to be than at the Gallatin Civic Center on Friday, July 17 as Mature Lifestyles, MainStreet Media’s 50-plus monthly magazine, brings an “Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social” to Sumner County, the home county of two of its sister publications, The Gallatin Newspaper and The Hendersonville Standard which are also serving as co-hosts of the event.

This is particularly true for seniors and boomers who want to have a free day of fun while arming themselves with a wealth of information to help them achieve “living life more fully after 50.” Attendees will be given the opportunity to learn from area professionals with one-on-one consultations or seminars on topics including health care, insurance, finance, legal concerns, estate planning, special needs trusts, retirement options, reverse mortages, caregiving, home improvements and much more.

Hormone Therapy for Women: Neither All Good Nor All Bad

When it comes to hormone therapy, the pendulum continues to swing. It’s not swinging to all good or all bad as it has seemed to in the past. Its role in women’s health is somewhere in the middle, according to a Special Report on Hormone Therapy, a supplement to the Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource.

The Special Report covers the history of this therapy, risks and benefits, current uses, hormone substitutes, alternative therapies and new directions in treatment and research.

Grill Up a Great Fathers Day

Make Dad’s menu special with fresh, seasonal flavors

Moms and kids can make Father’s Day exciting this year by making Dad some great tasting treats from the heart. Not only will it keep spending in check, the results will taste delicious and kids will have fun being part of the action.

Start by serving Dad breakfast in bed. Try a Kiwifruit Potassium Power Smoothie, an all-natural smoothie that is a meal in itself. Kids can personalize the breakfast by peeling and cutting kiwifruit into stars, hearts and other fun shapes to add to the smoothie. (Kiwifruit shapes can also top pancakes or cereal.)

Mature Lifestyle plans Senior/Boomer Event: Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social

An Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social will be hosted by Mature Lifestyles, The Gallatin Newspaper and the Hendersonville Standard. The event will be a the Gallatin Civic Center. Admission is FREE.


The Many Ways to Support an Ill Friend

By Lisa M. Petsche

When someone you know is diagnosed with a serious illness, you may want to reach out to that individual but feel unsure of what to say or do. This uncertainty can keep you away at the time when your help is needed most. The following are some ways to show you care.

Emotional Support
Don’t agonize over what to say. Keep it simple and heartfelt: for example, “I’m here for you.” Don’t be afraid to share your emotions. Remember, too, that a touch of the hand, a pat on the shoulder or a hug can often convey support and caring better than words.

Boomer Beat: Are Cell Phones, Texting, I-Pods Replacing Grandma?

By Linda Varon

Nothing can compare to that first grandchild. From the moment you look into that beautiful face, you think about all those years that your own children drove you nuts!

The first few years may be filled with late night phone calls. “Mom, she is throwing up and we think she has a fever. What should we do?”

How Much Sleep Do We Need?

We all want a good night's sleep. Sleep allows our body to rest and to restore its energy levels. Without enough restful sleep, not only can we become grumpy and irritable, but also inattentive and more prone to accidents. Like food and water, adequate sleep is essential to good health and quality of life.

Sleep needs change over a person's lifetime. Children and adolescents need more sleep than adults. Interestingly, older adults need about the same amount of sleep as younger adults -- seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

The Sunnier Side of Breakfast

Simple substitutions make a healthier morning meal

It’s been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In addition to providing the necessary energy to get-up-and-go, studies have shown that those who eat a healthy breakfast have better overall diets, improved concentration and performance during the day, and more strength and endurance for physical activity.

Those Kind of Feelings...Soon Upon Us!

By Norma Bixler
Mature Lifestyles Publisher

The calendar tells us that Spring this year will officially arrive on Friday, March 20. The arrival of Spring changes on a yearly basis coming in between the 19th to the 21st of March and at different times of the day.  It changes on a yearly basis because the first official day of spring is the (Spring) Vernal Equinox.

This is when The Sun is directly above the equator. It rises due East and sets due West and does not do so on the exact same day every year since the calendar is not exactly 365 precise days every single year. The Sun this year will be above the equator crossing to the northern hemisphere at around 11:47 p.m., according to Wiki

Taking Stock of Your Hearts Health It Matters!

February is heart month – a time that health care professionals or organizations emphasize awareness of heart health and a time to take stock of the health of your heart.

Cardiovascular disease remains American's No.1 killer, claiming more lives than the rest of major causes of death, according to the American Heart Association.

Health & Wellness Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna
This is my first, in a series of articles, on health and wellness. This month’s article will focus on Far Infra-Red (IR) technology with respect to both, athletes and non-athletes. 
Make Retirement Payoff with a New Job or Career
Retirement is different today than in our parents’ and grandparents’ generations. More Americans are choosing to work during their golden years – because they want to or because they have to in these trying times.
Bed Sheets Keep Plants Cozy On Frozen Nights
With winter almost upon us, we need to be prepared to protect plants from a sudden cold snap.
Many Retires Have Misconceptions

Five years after the release of MetLife’s first Retirement Income IQ Test, a national poll to gauge pre-retirees’ knowledge of retirement income issues, a new version of the study by MetLife Mature Market Institute, reveals that almost seven in ten (69%) pre-retirees overestimate how much they can draw down from their savings - with an alarming 43% saying they believe they can withdraw 10% or more each year while still preserving their principal - even though most retirement experts suggest a withdrawal rate of no more than 4% annually.

MetLife’s 2008 Retirement Income IQ Test also reveals that significant gaps exist around average life expectancy and other retirement income issues.

Around The Area

The curtain goes up on the Nashville Ballet’s new Nutcracker, featuring the Nashville Symphony, on Friday, December 12.

Tennessee is on the cusp of its grand international Centennial Exhibition and the world is on the verge of an exhilarating new era – the twentieth century! Nashville Ballet’s grand, allnew Nutcracker charmingly recreates this beloved holiday entertainment in 1897 Nashville, when the Parthenon was just erected and cotton candy was becoming all the rage

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