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Product Comparison: Oatmeal

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So, let's just get this out of the way from the start. Today, I'm discussing oatmeal. Yes, this may be the first time in recorded history that the words "awesomeness" and "oatmeal" have been used together in an article. Leave it to me.

I've recently started a series on my YouTube channel titled "product comparison of awesomess." Yeah, I know, I'm super creative. It's a natural, God-given talent. YOLO.

The concept behind these videos came from a client of mine when she suggested I make videos detailing why one product is better than the other. Henceforth, the birth of the product comparison of awesom--ahh, you get the point.

In the initial video, I compared said oatmeal. I had at my disposal, that beautiful cardboard tube of oatmeal that causes every child to immediately cry upon seeing it placed in their shopping cart. Unfortunately, I did not have the competing and offending instant oatmeal in my home, so the viewer had to pretend. It's called imagination people, I'm helping create magic here.

Either way, I want to dive a little deeper this week into why the plain-Jane, boring stuff is better for you than the exotic peaches and cream, maple and brown sugar and apples and cinnamon flavored instant packets... hang on, I'm hungry. I'll be right back.

Eating oatmeal from the cardboard tube (of awesomeness... I couldn't help it) delivers raw, unadulterated nutrition straight to your body. It doesn't have added sugar, added sodium or added calories. That doesn't mean you can't doll it up a little. There are a ton of ways to do so.

One trick I like is making the oatmeal, then throwing some protein powder in it for flavor. The quality of this is going to depend solely on the quality of your protein though. So buyer beware.

If you buy protein powder in the "vanilla-chalk" aisle, well then... but if you have some cookies and cream, banana, or even chocolate peanut butter flavored protein powder of aweso-WHAT?! OK, OK. I get it. AWESOMENESS! I'm sorry! Once you start saying it, you can't stop. You simply must finish the word. But adding in protein powders to boring oatmeal will add a huge nutritional boost, increase a usually deficient dietary intake of protein and will increase satisfaction.

The packets, however, will generally have added salt, reduced fiber, extra sugar, extra calories and even the high protein blends are actually quite low. Not to mention they're not awesome.

Of course, it depends on the serving size, and type of oatmeal, but just do the math. Let's say your peaches and cream oatmeal has 9 grams of sugar per packet. That's per 28 grams of food, or about a 3:1 ratio. You want to choose foods that have roughly 5 grams of sugar or less per 100 grams of food, or a 20:1 ratio.

Those sugars quickly add up and outside of tasting good for the two minutes that you have to wolf it down before running out the door, they do little to no good nutritionally for your body. It's just a great way to take what was a healthy food and make it not... not... what's another word for not awesome?

Thanks for taking the time to read this week's article, I really do appreciate it, even if I'm the only one who's laughing... yes, I giggle at myself as I write these. I'm not too proud to admit it. Hopefully somebody else out there has a little nerd in them, as well.

Until next week, love your oatmeal, love your life, live happy and live fresh!

Andy Frisch, NASM CPT, CES, PES, WFS, IFT, NESTA FNC, is a personal trainer and nutrition coach who enjoys working with clients of all shapes, sizes and ages. He currently train clients at Sports Village Fitness in Lebanon, works with clients online at and frequently posts videos on his YouTube channel. He may be contacted at

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