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Reader asks why all the fuss about what to call Christmas?

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To the Editor:

Again, we are approaching Christmas. What a wonderful time of the year, and yet a depressed time for many. At times, I feel myself wanting to take the depressed and offer them all comfort. But I cannot do this for everyone. I am only one person. But I can point them to the One who can. A Savior who is Christ the Lord!

This brings me to share a point that I have been mulling over lately. For some time now, I have heard on the news, read in the newspapers and watched on cable channels, all the fuss about what to call Christmas. Why is this? We, America, already know what to call it! We’ve known for decades!

We Christians are Americans, too. We have been attacked by special groups who want to rid us of our religious freedom, while they incorporate their beliefs on us. If we don’t like what we see on TV, we are advised to turn the channel or not participate. Why then, if someone is in our schools or in our country who doesn’t like our (American) ways that were established from our forefathers who believed in God, then why don’t they just not participate? They have that right. But instead, they try to change who we are, and who we have always been. In our country of freedom, you can sit and not participate, why come here if you don’t like our beliefs? What other country changes their whole belief system to suit a foreigner? And to Americans who choose not to believe in God, you have that right, also.

We sit and hear one or two people try to rid our wonderful Country of our religious rights while embracing other religions. We walk on eggshells as to not offend any other religion. While it’s true, everyone has a right to believe what they choose, so do Christians! We also have freedom of speech!

Here is my thought on all this: If “they” didn’t believe God is real, why are Christians such a threat? Why is it OK to offend me and my belief? Why do I not have the right to be offended when someone puts down or maligns my spiritual belief?  I wonder if the ones who are working so hard to do away with my Christian right actually know we have a Power that is above all others. Why is it when someone doesn’t want to participate or receive the greatest gift ever offered, that they are afraid to hear the name of God? What is it about our Country that so many want to come here, but yet want to convert our Country to be like the one they just left? If we continue to turn our backs on our God, then America won’t be the America that is Home of the Brave, or The Land of the Free! We live in the greatest country in the world. If it wasn’t, why do so many want to come here?

Whether we like it or not, we cannot change history, only the future! Did our forefathers and our American troops who served, and many who died, on the battlefield for our freedom, do it in vain? Absolutely not! 

My heart breaks, as I hear each day that once again, someone wants to stamp out my religious freedom from society -- Christianity! Those who rather not hear the name of God mentioned, are to me, like passengers on a sinking ship with life boats surrounding them, yet by their actions they are saying, “We rather sink!”

Elaine C. MountLebanon


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