Today is Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"My Bid" by Joe Biddle

They've grown up fast

Tennessee's young'uns are coming of age.

After a modest two-game win streak over South Carolina and Kentucky, Coach Butch Jones' Vols can leave this season on a even more positive note by beating No. 19 Missouri and in-state rival Vanderbilt.

Upsets have become common


John Sloan - Outdoors

A new Thanksgiving tradition

It has long been a Thanksgiving tradition for me to hunt a few hours, early Thanksgiving morning. Oddly for some reason, I have been quite lucky on these short hunts.

On one occasion, I killed an eight-point that measures just over 130-inches. That is good buck for Wilson County.

The excitment of opening day

A different sort of day

Tommy Bryan - Sports

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Telling Tales

A guide for my boys...whether they need it or not.

A guide for my boys...whether they need it or not.

As of Thursday, September 25th I've been on this earth four decades. That day usually gives me the opportunity to reflect. 40 seems so grown up. 40 is the deadline for having your life in order. Over the years I've looked to friends in their 40's as my own personal Dalai Lama; full of wisdom and experts at living a life full of intent. But the closer I inched to this decade the more I began to realize it wasn't that all of my Dalai Lama's were given the wisdom gene much like someone born with red hair or freckles. Instead they embraced the "what is" and tossed the "never will be." They didn't, like I assumed, wake up on the first day of their 40th year with a brand new perspective that was delivered while they slept. They learned through trial and error, just like me and eventually my children will. Sometimes it takes a 40 something's opinion or insight to make people realize that just because Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing it doesn't mean it's the best choice for you. And while there's plenty of mistakes in my future, I wanted to share a list of a few of the lessons I've learned as a helpful guide for my children.

I kinda get it

The year of Madison

Our Feathered Friends

Snakes, Too Much For Anthony?

Snakes, Too Much For Anthony?
Housefinch eating from my squirrel proof feeder

With decent weather this past Saturday, one would think that our feathered friends would be out in abundance, but they were sticking to cover like a cockle burr sticks to a blue tick coon hound.

Snakes, Too Much For Anthony?

The Road Less Traveled

Sabrina on the Scene

Beauty Work In Progress: Micro-needling

This past week, we explored the new Eclipse Micropen at the Skin Care Clinic in Lebanon.

Beauty Work In Progress: Keratin

Beauty Work In Progress: Extensions

Guest Column

Pay scale concerns raised for SLPs in WC Schools

I am writing in regard to the recent e-mail that I received from Mary Ann Sparks, director of Human Resources for Wilson County Schools, regarding the new pay scale that will be implemented for the 2014-2015 school year. I want to take a minute to advocate for our profession and the reasons why I feel like a base salary of $45,500 for a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) with no pay bumps, increases, etc., is unfair and not an appropriate pay rate for our profession.

Admiration turns to ‘shock and awe’ by terminations

A student's perspective on the Dr. Setterlund situation

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