Today is Monday, March 2, 2015

"My Bid" by Joe Biddle

UT is going bowling

Tennessee's football team will have to buy some bowling shoes after defeating Vanderbilt 31-24 in both team's final regular season game at Vanderbilt Stadium.

The Vols enter the undecided bowl game with a 6-6 record, one win better than last year's 5-7 mark.

It is the youngest team in college football's Power Five conferences. They started seven freshmen against the Commodores.

They've grown up fast

Upsets have become common

John Sloan - Outdoors

It's crappie time -- almost

Late February and March can be spotty when it comes to catching crappie in Middle Tennessee. So many factors are involved in the fish moving up and congregating in a pre-spawn pattern. But they can be caught.

The weather is a huge factor. We need a few warm, sunny day to bring the water temperature up and melt the ice off the boat ramps

They use to call it Bentleys

Raisinettes and Werisesteria

Tommy Bryan - Sports

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Telling Tales

On sleep and not getting any...

On sleep and not getting any...

It started happening again. I can't sleep. Rather, I can sleep, I just can't STAY asleep.
This leads to a frame of mind that's an ideal breeding ground for worry production. So I worry. Worry about getting back to sleep turns into worry about work, bills, taxes, life insurance, dementia, cancer, Ebola, my car's engine light that keeps coming on, my oldest driving, even deflated footballs - stupid Tom Brady.

Dear Starbucks

Mean grownups...

Our Feathered Friends

Roads Slicker Than Owl Grease

Roads Slicker Than Owl Grease
White-throated Sparrow

I am not sure of what went wrong, but I am having to write my bird story all over again. My new computer must have a mind all to itself. The weatherman was right on for this past weeks snow and ice storm.

Burrrrrr It's Cold!

Hurry Up Spring!

Sabrina on the Scene

(Beauty) Work in Progress - Lean in Lebanon

Beauty Work in Progress focuses on all the things you can do - or rather all the things you can pay someone else to do - to enhance your natural beauty and feel like your best possible self. However, one of the simplest steps you can take to feeling fabulous is to exercise.

Great (Holiday) Expectations

Beauty Work in Progress - Pelleve

Guest Column

Pay scale concerns raised for SLPs in WC Schools

I am writing in regard to the recent e-mail that I received from Mary Ann Sparks, director of Human Resources for Wilson County Schools, regarding the new pay scale that will be implemented for the 2014-2015 school year. I want to take a minute to advocate for our profession and the reasons why I feel like a base salary of $45,500 for a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) with no pay bumps, increases, etc., is unfair and not an appropriate pay rate for our profession.

Admiration turns to ‘shock and awe’ by terminations

A student's perspective on the Dr. Setterlund situation

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