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We borrow the land from our children

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To the Editor:

Will we learn in time, with the production of each new bomb, biological weapon, or cancerous chemical by the right wing U.S. Empire made up of Republicans and Democrats, as well as, Protestants, Catholics, Christian/Judaeo and duplicitous others -- "That our only legitimate hope of survival is to prize what remains of the Earth and foster its dependent renewal"?

Misinformed in our right to know, many of us think we inherit the land from our fathers when actually we only borrow it from our children; where what will they do when the last tree is cut and the clean air, pure water and land is all poisoned?

Most of us are unaware even our religiosity is made relative, in that Emperor Constantine the Great outlawed books such as those of Greece that advanced the mind of man. He commissioned a single Eusebius, to edit the original religious books to those that enhanced Constantine's aim to take over both church and state.

In so doing Eusebius, united paganism into Christianity almost overnight by removing at least 33 percent of the First Church's vast works and keeping those with the pagan motifs, symbols and rituals, which they had been familiar for over 300 years. The 81 books Eusebius left remaining, which later came to be known as the original King James Version of the Bible, were hand-picked by him and adopted by the First Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. And likewise with the Protestant Reformation, the “‘Authorized’ King James Version” of 1611 was selected from Eusebius's prior compilation.

Then in 1885 the Archbishop of Canterbury removed 15 other books (the apocrypha) leaving most Protestant bibles with 66 books. And so with the masses of both Catholic and Protestant from Constantine's arrangement it worked, even unto this day. But a few others have sought the wisdom of I Thessalonians 5:21 where it says, "Prove all things; hold fast, that which is good." And it was Edmond Burke who said “All that is necessary for evil to advance is for good men to do nothing.”

Subsequently had these acumen been acted upon it would have redefined our understanding and changed the destiny of Bush's Reaganomics (Capitalism's trickle down effect) and aggressive preemptive strikes actuating further that evil desire to take over and enslave the world, not unlike Constantine's takeover of Rome and more.

Inasmuch the richest 400 people's income in the U.S. wouldn't have increased to an average of $250 million a year while millions (the least of them) are thirsty, cold, hungry, sick, can't find a job and dying. Whereto in his eight years just as Reagan doubled the national debt, Bush increased it to $10 trillion-plus, deceptively benefiting a wealthy few, it would not have happened for we would have known better.

Too, instead of the U.S. Empire bombing and slaughtering millions of innocent people in at least 60 falsely presented interventions of war since World War II (too lengthy to name) we would have been leading the way for humanity, in a positive sense, to work together for the well being of each other. Instead the right wing war profiteers kept most Americans thinking it was the right thing to do, when in actuality only an elite few had a clue.

But greed is an immoral and shortsighted conception without any practical reason -- save evil itself, as shown by the insistent Empire ravishing the universe's indefensible, which is neither compatible with Christianity, Democracy nor a living ecosystem.

Whereas Iraq alone is now suffering more than a million deaths, and there continues to be no job shortage on the need for gravediggers either here at home or abroad. While would we seek to sustain Earth's existence it could be more positive for our grandchildren's grandchildren.

Robert KnowlesLebanon

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