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We need you and each other

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By KENNY MARTINEconomic and Community Development Director, City Liaison, Mt. Juliet

The weather outside has been unpredictable to say the least. Think about it. Toward the end of January we had a tornado in Robertson County on Sunday and 60 degree temperatures in Middle Tennessee. By the following Friday we had 6 inches of snow and temperatures in the low teens. Saying the weather has been out of the ordinary and difficult would be putting it mildly. Not that I don’t like snow. I truly like snow; I just don’t like some of the issues and outcomes often caused when we get too much of it. The wrecks, damage to roads and other associated costs really add up.

As a result of all the snow, ice and rain, most of our businesses saw some pretty slow and gloomy days of business and will need our renewed patronage as soon as possible to make up for the revenues they lost as a result. As I’ve mentioned before, our small businesses are what drives our local economy and the economic engine of our great country. Small businesses provide convenient local services and jobs to mention just a few of the many benefits. When consumers can’t get out and about the businesses suffer from a lack of sales. When sales volumes and patronage drops, so does the need to have employees working. When employees aren’t working they can’t make money to patronize other business or pay their bills and the vicious cycle continues.

I will continue to stress the importance of shopping locally regardless of the weather. If we don’t shop locally and shop outside our wonderful county, our tax dollars benefit other cities and counties and not ours. What we lose today will have to be made up somewhere else down the road by other means. If local businesses aren’t supported they move to other communities or go out of business. When this happens we lose more revenues from our county and communities, not to mention the ability to recruit and retain current and new businesses.

Sorry for such a gloomy article. There is good news here. The good news is that we can control what happens when it comes to keeping taxes low and raising local revenues. Supporting your local businesses by patronizing them first is to our local economy what eating healthy, exercising, sleeping eight hours a night and taking vitamins is to your health.

Please support your local businesses even if it means waiting until you get back to Wilson County. Take it personal. It’s like an investment in your future. Not supporting your local businesses is like depositing your paycheck in your neighbor’s bank account. It doesn’t really gain you any true benefit.

Call me selfish, but I like doing stuff that might benefit me and those I care about. I care about you, our local businesses and our children’s future. I want our children and the rest of us to have the most prosperous, faithful and friendly community in the world, and we can have it if we support each other and our community with passion, enthusiasm and good old fashioned good will, unity and teamwork.

God Bless the USA and God Bless Wilson County, Tennessee.

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