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Who is the real victim?

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So, the other day my husband came back from criminal court in Gallatin.

“You are not going to believe it”, he said “someone stole my I-pod right out of my briefcase!”

I thought to myself,  - - what kind of &#%$ steals while IN criminal court.

Then I thought - WOW -  that &^$#@ must have laughed his *&^$# off when he heard the music selection on that I-pod.

Guess the joke was on him…unless, of course, the little thug was a Neal Diamond fan!

To say, that my husband and I are musically challenged - is an understatement. One reason, I married my husband is that he saw nothing wrong with my love of  Barry Manilow, Neil Sedaka and show tunes - in fact he encouraged it.

Many a time when friends peruse our music selections - we have to cry out - “We are not ashamed!” 

Sure you can be cool and like Cold Play and the Black Eyed Peas but it takes real courage to stand in line (without sunglasses and a wig) to buy tickets to John Tesh.

I wasn’t always like this. No in my heyday - I loved the Cure and the Smithereenes. But the truth is, when Copacabana or Mandy would come on the radio, something in me would stir!

At a certain point in my life I decided TO EMBRACE IT and haven’t looked back since.

So you can just imagine my outrage - that we were now the victims of crime. I had spent countless hours downloading those hard to find “classics” and in one life changing moment it was all snatched away.  (You just never think its going to happen to you!)

That evening as I expressed my indignation to Becky, I was a little taken aback, when she took up for the little punk.

“Are you kidding me, you downloaded Hall & Oats’ Greatest Hits?  I’m wondering who the real victim was -  Brody or the thief!”

Note to self - return  Becky’s Christmas present -  Clay Aiken Merry Christmas With Love CD.  Apparently, Becky has no taste in music.  Find out if  Van Halen has a Christmas album - probably more to her liking. 

Angel Kane can be reached at To read more of Angel’s and Becky’s columns go to and hit Style. 

Telling Tales 

Angel Kane and Becky Andrews live in Wilson County. This is their story (or tale) about their life, families and times that they share. Besides their weekly column Telling Tales Angel and Becky Co Founded Wilson Living Magazine. The idea of developing a magazine for Wilson County first came to Becky and Angel one afternoon while they sat on her back porch watching their children play in the backyard. 

They were discussing the outpouring of emails, calls and responses to their column “Telling Tales” and wanted to find a way to capture that community spirit. People were stopping them wherever they went to share their own “tales.” They suddenly realized everyone has a story to tell and many of these stories were amazing. And in that moment, Wilson Living Magazine came to life. Be sure to check out Wilson Living Magazine at

You can read Angel and Becky's weekly column on-line at under the Style section.

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