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Whos calling

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The other day I was looking forward to a busy morning with four surgical procedures scheduled before the 10 o’clock office practice. I knew if I finished everything on time the afternoon would be free so I grabbed the cell phone on the table on my way out the door and got to the hospital a little early hoping to get surgery going quickly.

All went as scheduled so as I was finishing up at the office close to noon, I decided to call my wife to see if we might get together for lunch or a fun afternoon activity like golf or biking.

I sat down at the doctor’s station to use the landline and called my wife’s cell phone number convinced that she would be a way from the phone at home.

As I dialed her number, the cell phone in my pocket went off so I hung up the phone in my hand to get the one in my pocket. I was thinking that she might be calling me, but when I had extracted the cell phone from all the coins, keys and other items in my pocket it had stopped ringing. No worry I thought I would have the missed call number and I could just hit the button to call it back.

The number in the missed call slot wasn’t what I expected. It wasn’t my wife but instead was the office number, the very place I was calling from. I thought that was strange because if the office wanted me all they had to do was holler around the corner since I was sitting right there. I waited for a minute to see if anyone had a question about one of my patients or a prescription I might have forgotten to call in.

Since there seemed to be no interest in me from anyone around, I called my wife’s cell phone number again using the landline and the cell phone that had been in my pocket and was now on the desk beside me rang again. What are the odds of that happening twice I thought and about that time the light went off in my head.

I had noticed that the cell phone I had in my hand looked a little different from mine. It was the same brand and everything, but the buttons looked a little more worn. It was then that I realized that I had been calling myself on my wife’s cell phone!

I had accidentally picked her cell phone up from the furniture that morning so when I put my hands in my pocket I found mine on the opposite side.

Needless to say, I figured out right away that she would not be answering hers since it was in my possession, and we wouldn’t be getting together for lunch or anything else, but this time it was my fault.What is the moral of this story? It could be don’t put other people’s things in your pocket. But the tried and true platitude of haste makes waste seems to fit better.

Editor’s Note: Robertson is a physician with Family Medical Associates, PC, in Lebanon.

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